Thursday 15 July 2010

Häagen-Dazs Cocktail Party @ Clarke Quay

I was so excited to attend the offical lunch of Häagen-Dazs Cocktail Menu on Wednesday, 14 July 2010. According to the spokesman, Häagen-Dazs Singapore is the 1st country in Aisa to launch this Cocktail Menu that is available exclusively at its Clarke Quay cafe. The menu features an inspired combination of exquisite tastes such as their signature ice cream cocktails, sorbet-blended cocktails and liqueur coffee.

This cocktail reception is held at the Clarke Quay Central Fountain area, which is just a stone throw distance away from their Haagen Dazs cafe. And you can see the cafe crews are all busying preparing cup after cups of different flavour of cocktails to satisfy our taste buds.

These are some of the yummy finger food to go with the Cocktails. Other than these, there are also some chocolate cubes and strawberries that are dipped with melted chocolate available for your pick.

At a glance, you can find the trace of Roman Romance either scattering around the tables or on the hand of some guests. With it's sweet and attractive colour I am sure it has being crown the "Queen" of the night. It is also a romantic fusion of Raspberry Sorbet, sparkling lemonade, lime juice, fresh strawberry and a shot of tequila that makes it a perfect drink for the night out in town with friends.

For chocolate lovers like me and Joyce, Venetian Velvet definitely makes our dream come true. It is blend with a smooth concoction of Belgian Chocolate ice cream, fresh milk and Bailey's Irish Cream which gives this cocktail it's rich, decadent and divine.

On the other hand, for those who prefer something light and sweet, perhaps you can start off with Santorini Sunset, a combination of Mango Sorbet, vodka, lime juice and pineapple juice. The three of us agreed that this is more fruity like taste compare to the two drinks above.

During the 2nd hour of the Cocktail party, Mr Yiannis Karaolides, Managing Director for General Mills Singapore said that this is part of their 'Slow Melting in Progress' campaign, which was launched in November last year. They wanted to continue building on the Häagen-Dazs experience where everyone can enjoy quality time with their loves ones or friends and at the same time enjoy the world finest ice cream.

After the speech given by Mr Yiannis Karaolides, all the guests continued to move around while enjoying their cocktails and catching more conversation with each others. The three of us felt so relax and we really enjoys the atmosphere, drinks and companies.

We almost missed out this Irish Illusion at the party because according to the waitress it is only available in the cafe. This sure will give your taste buds a twist with it's rich and silky concoction of Vanilla ice cream, Espresso and Bailey's Irish Cream. After sipping it at the same time, the 3 of us find that its rather interesting to have a mixture of hot & cold sensation tickling in our mouth.

Out of the 5 drinks, we didn't managed to get hold of this Manhattan Moment which is blend with rich Vanilla ice cream, fresh milk and Bailey's Irish Cream. (photo credit to Häagen-Dazs media kit)

If you are interested to try out either one or all of these new items, do drop by the Häagen-Dazs cafe that is located at: -

Häagen-Dazs cafe (Clarke Quay)
3A River Valley Road
Merchants' Court Clarke Quay
Telephone: 6337 0846

From the 5 different cocktails and liqueur coffee which is available in their Cocktail Menu, I am sure there is one that will help to unwind yourself after a long day at work. Posted by Picasa

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