Wednesday 25 November 2009

Facebook Game - FishVille

Recently at about two weeks ago, Zynga from Facebook come out with one another new game known as "FishVille" after their great success in Farmville and Cafe World. My son was fascinated with buying and feeding those underwater sea creatures and fish.

For those who loves to rear fish, this is indeed a fun game where you can purchase different kind of fish eggs from the store, rare it at different timing. Just remember to feed them, clean the tank and the fish is ready to be sold when they reached level 1. As far as I see from most of my neighbours' tank, their fish can grow up to level 9 which is a very big adult fish.

At different level, each fish will give up different experience point when being caught and sold. So look up for those with higher level to rear and sold them at least when they are level 2 so as to earn experience point in a faster way. Other than the fish, you can also received cute sea-creatures like hermit crab, shrimp, snail and etc from your neighbours. So this is how our tank look like after 2 weeks of rearing...... and we have a total of 3 tanks where we can rear 50 fish in the 1st two tank. And you must have at least 10 or 12 neighbours to purchase the 2nd tank. Posted by Picasa

Take a look at the diffferent types of fish that we rared..... the high the level you keep the more experience point you will earn........

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