Sunday 15 November 2009

Lobster Feast @ Sakae Sushi

It's another food venture time at Sakae Sushi. Today, we are going to have Seafood Melody at Sakae Sushi and everyone of us are so excited about it...... So, if you want to know more about what is going on at this Seafood feast........ Don't wait anymore, click on the Read More link now.......

Sakae Sushi at Sembawang, Sun Plaza Shopping mall is one the revamp outlet whereby they have this kids' corner which is like a small playground for kids to hang around while the parents can enjoy their meal and at the same time supervise their kids at a visible distance. Other than the kids' playground, this outlet also have a little conveyor belt corner especially cater for kids to enjoy their version of kids' sushi and bento.

As usual, we have to settle the kid first before our meal. Rey will always request for his favourite Tamago Nigiri to go with Ebi Tempura. And Ebi is the only item that he likes to eat as a finger food during our visit to Sakae. But sometime, he will reject this if the prawns are over-fried or the crumbs have soften by the time this dish is served to us.

This is the first time I ordered Warm Sake from Sakae Sushi. Since we are having seafood and the weather is pretty cooling due to the raining season, we thought maybe we can get a bottle of this to warm up our stomach before the meal. And according to their Beverages menu there are 3 different types of Sake that you can choose from. The taste of the Sake that is quite similar to the Chinese Rice Wine - 米酒 which is sweet and fragrance. But at a glance you might thought it look more like plain water than wine........

From their promotion pamphlet on the weekend Teppanyaki, whenever you order any set menu, you are entitled to purchase 1 Fresh Oyster which is direct air-flown from France at a special price of S$1.50 each. So with this great deal,on hand, we decided to get two. One which is raw while the other I choose to have it grill with white sauce. But whichever method it served, both are great for it's taste.

We ordered the special promotion on Boston Lobster Set for 2 which comes with these following dishes as well as salad, rice and miso soup. The first side-dish to set on the table is this 4 Half-shell Scallops that are cooked with special sauce and minced garlic.

A plate of Assorted Stir-fry Vegetables which consists of mushroom, assorted beansprouts, onion and minced garlic. We love the crunchiness of this stir-fry vegetable which is fresh and not over-cooked.

I am not sure how they prepared this chicken dishes, to me it taste sweet and somehow rather like honey chicken or maybe grill chicken pieces with Teriyaki Sauce. But this is another dish that goes well with their Japanese short-grain rice and miso soup.

Here comes the STAR of tonight's dish which is the Boston Lobster. The chef divides the lobster into a 3 different parts and served it in different cooking methods. First to be served on the table is these two huge Lobster Claws which they thoughtful crack the hard shell into easier breakable parts that allows us to eat the meat easily. I must confess that even at the claws part, the meat is sweet and tender.

The Lobster head is chop into smaller portion and simmered in an aluminum foil to cook into a savoury Lobster broth. The broth was fragrance and full of flavour and goodness that are released from the sweetness of the lobster meat.

Out of the 3 different cooking method and portion of the Lobster, I guess most of you will aim on this Lobster Tail which is cooked with a kind of creamy sauce that consists of butter, mayonnaise and herbs. The meat is so succulent and each bites is full of satisfactory from the combination of the sauce. Although this set costs around S$49.90, I guess it is still worth the price for the taste of the freshness of this Boston Lobster which you can eat from Head to Tail.

After a hearty meal, it will be great to end with something sweet and luxury..... So we decided to order a Tempura Ice-Cream which is hot on the outer skin but cold and creamy inside. This is absolutely a great dessert to accompany those wine, seafood, vegetable and meat.......Posted by Picasa

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