Wednesday 7 October 2009

Hearty Sakae Dinner

Tonight Grandma is not preparing any dinner as she is caught up with some church activities. On the other hand, Rey was excited as he can look forward to grab some of his favourite snack outside rather than his usual meal. But we were rather too tired to think of where to go for dinner after a long day at work. So Rey suggest that he wanted to eat his favourite Sakae Sushi...........

As I still have some credit in my Sakae Card, we decided to head for Sushi Dinner as what Rey has suggested. We reached there about 8pm and Rey is already too hungry to wait for his favourite Tamago to be "appear" on the conveyor belt. So he starts off with 2 plates of his 2nd favourite on the list - "Kanikama"(which is sushi rice topped with cooked imitation crabmeat)

While waiting for our orders to be served, we kick off with this little treat before meal. Initially I thought of getting the Lychee flavour which we had previously, but it's not available today. So the waitress recommend us to try this Strawberry flavour instead. Overall it still taste great but I still prefer the Lychee Flavour maybe due to it's light and refreshing fragrant :)

Everyone of us loves the Gari(Ginger Pickle) that is available in Sakae. It is say that these ginger pickle is used to freshen the palate between sushi bites as well as aids the body in digestion. I love the sweet and sour taste that goes well especially with salmon and deep-fry stuffs. So next round when you are in Sakae or any Japanese Restaurant do look-up for this special little treat that you might fall in love with.

Tonight we are not having any sushi other than Rey's having his Kanikama. I order Tempura Udon because I feel like having something soupy rather than rice and Rey also can have one of his Tempura Prawn (天婦羅) to go with his sushi.

On and off I do see people ordering this Salmon Don which is a bowl of sushi rice top with generous amount of fresh Salmon slices, cucumber, lemon and a spoonful of Fish roes and some nori strips. This set cost S$7.99 comes with a bowl of Miso Soup which is great for it's value.


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