Sunday 11 October 2009

ABC Brickworks Food Centre

ABC Brickworks Food Centre is located in Bukit Merah District. According to some google search that I have made, this placed used to be the site of a brewery in the 1930s. And the ABC food center got its' name from the Archipelago Brewery Company which was set up in Alexandra road in 1931.

I got to know this place from the food review introduction by "U-weekly - 优1周" magazine on their 196 issues in September 2009 on Penang Laksa - 槟城辣沙. I remember there used to be a Penang Laksa stall near our area many years back and I still can re-called the taste of it's sweet and spicy soup.

Today, based on the information given in the magazine, we managed to find Jason Penang Cuisine which is located at #01-113 in the ABC food center. The signboard and colour of the stall was kind of attractive in "Bright Yellow" colour as it easily caught our attention. After finding a good place to settle down, I went forward to take a look at their menu on what are their speciality.

Although from the photo, you might not find the dish as appetising as it look, but when you give it a try, you might like it according to your preference. To me, the soup is still not to the standard that I expected it to be. But overall, you still can give it try for the small size portion. Other than their famous Penang Laksa, I also saw some good reviews on their Penang Cha Kuey Tiao. Maybe we might give it a try next round when we visit this market again.....

Walking around the food center, we spot this Western cuisine stall known as "WOW WOW WEST" where they have this HUGE Cheese Sausage that caught our attention. The atmposher of the stall makes me feel like I am having western food in a foreign country...... Look at the texture of the cross section of the cross section of the sausage, isn't it look great!

Wow Wow West
Unit number: #01-133

Other than their signature Pork Cheese Sausage, they also have a good range of Western set dishes like, Chicken Chop, Chicken Cutlet, Pork chops, Steaks, Fish N Chips and etc. We saw that most of the table around the stall are having Chicken Chop, so without hesitate we also order a plate of it which is served with huge portion of chicken cutlets, crinkle-cut fries, beans and salad. The chicken cutlet is well cooked and it is drenched in a tasty black pepper sauce that left you to crave for more.

For those who stays or work around this area, I am sure you have tried most of their dishes and agreed that the portion is really huge to be handle by one person :)

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