Friday 11 October 2013

Weekend Champagne & Croissants Brunch At Ô Batignolles

To celebrate it's first year anniversary, Ô Batignolles; a French bistro located at 2 Gemmill Lane has introduced a brand new weekend brunch menu featuring a range of delicious new dishes typical of Paris. This new "Champagne And Croissants Brunch" offers a three-course (croissant, choice of bread and choice of main) menu served together with freshly squeezed orange juice, premium coffee or tea plus free flow Yveline Prat Brut Champagne at S$89++.

Alternatively for those who prefer a non-alcoholic brunch, the ‘Champagne And Croissants’ is also available without Champagne for only S$29++ or you can order other dishes from their A la Carte Menu (shown below) that suits your preference.

[Ô Batignolles] The main indoor dining area
[Ô Batignolles] A private dinning area  which is beside the main area
[Ô Batignolles] Alfresco sitting area

Champagne and Croissants Brunch
is available on Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 3.30pm

$89++ inclusive of free-flow Champagne and Croissants,
$29++ with soft drinks only (without free-flow Champagne and croissants)

[Ô Batignolles] A la carte menu
[Ô Batignolles] There are 6 different types of Champagne available on their A la carte menu
[Ô Batignolles] Yveline Prat Brut Champagne for the "Champagne And Croissants Brunch"
Yveline Prat Brut is a pale yellow champagne that sparkles slowly with fine bubbles which known for its floral notes and toasted aromas. After taking a few sips we agreed with Antoine (the owner) it is a perfect pairing with their brunch menu giving it a smooth and sweet after taste that runs down the throat.

Our brunch starts with a glass of bubbly Yveline Prat Brut Champagne follow by our choice of beverages (Cappuccino and Latte) together with freshly squeeze orange juice and in-house (freshly baked in their kitchen) "croissants".

[Ô Batignolles] Croissant and my Choice of Bread (Pains au Chocolate Basket)
I am bread lover who easily get excited with Rustic Bread or flaky pastry like Croissants. I must confess I really really loves the croissants served at Ô Batignolles which has crispy outer layer and fluffy (it's so airy and yummy) texture inside which you can see from the photo above.

And good news; according to them their signature"Croissants and Pains au Chocolate" are available for individual sale and take away too. So if you loves these pastry you know what to do right *wink*?

[Ô Batignolles] Choice Of Bread - French Toast
From the above menu you will notice there are 4 Choices Of Bread where you choose from either "Brioche with Nutella of Speculoos", "Blueberry Pancake", Pains Au Chocolate Basket" and "French Toast".

Although I always made french toast at during weekend breakfast but mine was never as good as what they served. It has a unique fragrant and the bread was nicely done with soft moist texture and I think it might be the type of butter they used to cook the french toast plus some seasonings perhaps. You should try this when you order your choice of bread.

[Ô Batignolles] Choice of Eggs - Eggs Pacifico
[Ô Batignolles] Choice of Eggs - Eggs Benedict
There are also 4 Choices of Eggs available on their brunch menu such as "Eggs Benedict", "Eggs Pacifico", "Scramble Eggs" and "Eggs Cocotte".

We ordered Eggs Benedict and Eggs Pacifico which served shortly after we finished the bread dishes. Each poached egg is perfectly cooked with oozing yolk (I should have taken a video to show you how good it is) and it pairs well with ham and slight crisp half muffin as well as some lettuces salad to go with it too.

Overall Ô Batignolles Bistro offers a relaxed atmosphere that transport diners to Paris with their food and warm hospitality. Moreover it is also a family friendly place with kid's menu which I am sure kid will love their cooked ham with potatoes gratin plus vanilla ice-cream.

Ô Batignolles
2 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069247
Reservation: +65 6438 3913

Opening Hours:
12pm – 12(midnight); weekdays
11am - 12(midnight); Saturday
11am - 7pm; Sunday


Lastly I would like to thank Ô Batignolles and Mango PR for the invited tasting. All opinions expressed in this post are based on our own dining experience and the taste of the dishes might vary from individual. But I do hope you have a great experience trying their weekend Brunch or A la crate menu if you are planning to visit Ô Batignolles soon.

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