Saturday 10 August 2013

[Day 5] Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi)

After enjoying four days in Bangkok, it's time for us to go back to Singapore. Although this trip might be short as compared to our initial plan of 7 days but everyone of us are satisfy with the itinerary. And I really miss all the delicious Thai cuisines and street snacks that we have tried, and not to forget my favourite Mango Sticky Rice (photo above) which I have it every day during our trip.

Honestly revisiting Bangkok after 5 years does bought back many memories from our first trip. Like the Siam Ocean World, Chatuchak Weekend Market and Mahboonkrong (MBK), they are still looking good with some familial shops and eateries when we last visited them..

Day 5 was rather tiring as we need to wake up around 4.30am to get ready for the checkout and wait for the Airport Shuttle Service to pick us from our hotel lobby around 6.00am.  You must be wondering why we do we take such an early flight back. The reason is because as it was during December peak season most of the favourable timing for return tickets are way fully booked before we can choose.

The new Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi)
Duty Free Shops @ Bangkok International Airport
Similar to International Airport that you have visited, there are also many Duty Free shops in Bangkok International Airport where you can shop for branded good, local snacks, food and etc.

My bite (pretzel) from Auntie Anne before boarding the flight
[Bangkok International Airport] Food and Beverages Section 
Passengers can enjoy some hot food and beverages before the flight or during transit from the range of eateries such as Fast Food, Snack Bar or Restaurant Cuisine depending on individual preference.

[Bangkok International Airport] Processing to the boarding gate for our flight
[Bangkok International Airport] We love the experience of outdoor boarding rather then the usual indoor boarding bridge.
[Bangkok International Airport] View from our window seats on board
[Thai Airways] Safety Rules And Emergency Exit Chart
[Thai Airways] Inflight Entertainment Programs
Most of the airlines provide "Inflight Entertainment Programs" which is a great add-on for passengers to kill time especially when travel on long hour flight. With a wide varieties of entertainments such as movies, games, news, music and etc, even cranky kids can be glue to their seats for an hour or more.

[Thai Airways] Kid's Breakfast Set
[Thai Airways] Adult Breakfast Set (Omelette with sausage)
[Thai Airways] Adult Breakfast Set (fried noodles)
Other than Inflight Entertainment, my kid and I are always curious about the inflight menu. Most of the time I only clear the bread and side dishes rather than the main course because I don't really find it good. But surprising Thai Airways and Korea Airlines serves quite decent inflight food that suits my liking.

[Thai Airways] View from our window seats
[Thai Airways] View from our window seats
[Thai Airways] View from our window seats with Singapore Coastline
[King Power Duty Free] Local Thai Snacks
We did not loop back many food stuffs but only a few that are enough for hand gifts to close friends. Here I would like to share with you two interesting snacks which we found; Dehydrate Mangosteen and Lychee as well as Mangosteen Juice. The dehydrate fruits can be eaten on it's own or add into salad, yogurt or even use it as one of the ingredients for baking. So do keep a look out for them during your trip to Bangkok.

This post marks the end of our 5D4N Bangkok Trip and I hope you enjoy reading those places of interest and food that we shared. For more details of the trip, you can refer to the Itinerary shown above. Till then stay tune for our next travelogue on Taiwan soon.

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