Tuesday 21 May 2013

[Day 6] Shabu Shabu @ Shabujo, Shinjuku

Japan trip won't be satisfied if we did not try their sushi, sashimi, omurice, shabu shabu, takoyaki and etc. So on the last night of our trip, we decided to go for Shabu Shabu which was perfect for that  cold and wet evening when everyone needs some hot food to keep warm. So after searching around for a decent Shabu Shabu restaurant near our hotel at Shinjuku ( 新宿), we finally settled for Shabujo which is listed in their recommending food good guide. For your information, Shabujo is about 6 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku Station, East Exit.

Shabujo offers both ala carte and set menu for patrons to choose from and since we have 12 pax, we decided to go for their set menu which we ordered combo meat sets (¥6200 / SG$75.60) plus a meat set with seafood (¥9000 / SG$ 109.70).

For each set menu, it comes with the following items:-

- Beer/Wine/Plum Wine/Soft Drink
- Japanese beef on special breed (about 100g)
- Amakusa-plum pork meat (about 100g)
- Assorted Seafood (such as scallop, snow crab, prawns and etc depending on the set selected)
- Assorted vegetables and mushrooms
- Sliced green onion (leek)
- Pickles
- Rice/Udon/Dumplings
- Salad shabu-shabu
- Ice cream

Mum and I shared a glass of Japanese sweet plum wine to keep ourselves warm from the cold weather (about 8 degree that night).

Shabu Shabu Salad with Cucumber, Lettuce and Japanese sesame dressing

Dipping Sauce for Shabu Shabu such as ponzu, goma (sesame sauce), chopped green onion, grated radish, chili oil and etc.

Their delicious pork dumplings (水餃子) were made with yellow chives and dried shirmp from Okayama Prefecture together with the sweet and juicy pork. Each ala carte serving of the dumplings cost ¥530 (SG$ 6.50) for 5 dumplings.

While waiting for the vegetables and meats to be served, we started off with some pork dumplings and hot soup broth to warm our tummy.

Amakusa-plum Pork Meat (about 100g)
Amakusa Plum Meat Pork Loin is pricing at ¥950 (SG$11.60) per plate and it is also one of the popular pick among women who is after healthier choice of meat at shabu shabu. Other than pork loin we also ordered the Amakusa Plum Meat Pokubara at ¥850 (SG$10.30) which has a beautiful texture that you won't regret having those fat just for once.

Japanese Beef on Special Loin (about 100g)
Sorry for the poor quality photo captured on this Japanese Beef on Special Loin as it suppose to show the beautiful marbled Japanese beef that will melt in your mouth slightly. A plate like the above cost about ¥2800 (SG$34.00) which is quite premium for Shabu Shabu.

Our group of 6 pax are more of meat eaters so we choose the Combo Meat Set (plus additional plate of Amakusa plum meat Pokubara ) instead of the meats and seafood that the other 6 members ordered.

After meal, we were served with some ice-cream of our choice on either Matcha or Vanilla and it was indeed a great dessert to end our Shabu Shabu dinner.

新宿歌舞伎町 しゃぶしゃぶ専門店
Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 2-22-5
2nd Shinjuku Building 1F
Telephone: 03-5272-8817
Website: http://www.shabujo.com

Capacity: 88 seats

Operating Hours:-
Monday - Thursday: 5:30 - 11:00pm (LO 23:15)
Friday, Saturday and PH Eve: 5:30pm - 3:30am (LO 2:45)
Sunday and Public Holiday: 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm (LO 22:15)

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