Saturday 9 June 2012

Crystal Jade Dumpling Festival 2012

For this Dumpling Festival(端午节), Crystal Jade offers a range of traditional rice dumplings together with their new "Brown Rice Dumpling(红糙米八宝肉粽)" and "Cool Dessert Dumplings(冰冻甜品粽)" which are chilled puddings in the shape of dumplings.

Brown Rice Dumpling(红糙米八宝肉粽)is a hearty, savoury combination of steamed red brown rice, glutinous rice, chestnut, lotus seeds, peanuts, black eyed peas, pork and salted egg yolk. And this is definitely something worth trying for those who love brown rice as well as "beans and nuts".
Price: S$5.20 per dumpling

Rice Dumpling With Pork And Spicy Shrimp Paste(香辣虾米肉粽)is another sweet and savoury combination of pork, chestnut, dried shrimp paste, green bean(split green bean), black-eyed pea and glutinous rice which similar to the Cantonese style green bean dumpling.

Personally I would prefer this compared to the above because of the added green bean which makes it sweet and savoury taste.
Price: S$4.50 per dumpling

For something sweet and meatless, you can go for either this Red Bean Paste Dumpling(红豆沙咸水粽) or the Cooling Dessert Dumpling. This is a very simple traditional steamed “Kee Zhang” that is wrapped with generous amount of  smooth and fragrant red bean fillings.
Price: S$4.00 per dumpling

The NEW Crystal Jade Cooling Dessert Dumpling(冰冻甜品粽) is available in 3 different flavour such as:-

~ Petite Cheese And Peach Cool Dumpling(一口芝士蜜桃青凉粽)
Pudding made with cream cheese and canned peaches for those who like a hint of saltiness in their sweet.

~ Petite Black Glutinous Rice And Sago Cool Dumpling(一口黑糯米青凉粽)
Black glutinous rice which is said to be high in fire and antioxidants is cooked to tender stickiness with fragrant coconut milk.

~ Petite Sweetcorn Cool Dumpling(一口粟米青凉粽)
Delicious sweet corn mixed with evaporated milk based on the local dessert taste

Price: S$2.70 for 3 pieces; or S$5.00 for 6pieces

All dumplings are available from 04 - 23 June 2012 at Crystal Jade My Bread outlets. And savoury dumplings are also available at selected Crystal Jade restaurant. For your information, this year Dumpling Festival falls on Saturday, 23 June 2012.


  1. Oh my! These dumplings are so pretty.. I think I like the sweet and savoury ones but I always digged out and throw the porky bits away. yeah, I don't like pork. My mum used to make desserts one for me, the ones to dip in gula melaka. That was nice.

    1. Yeah! I love the sweet one which dip in brown sugar/gula melaka too :)


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