Tuesday 17 April 2012

Chef Sleeve For iPad

Few weeks ago, I received a box of this Chef Sleeve for iPad/iPad2 to review and since sometime I love to reference to some of my online recipe collections instead of the big and heavy cookbooks, I guess this sleeve will be in great help to keep my iPad protected in the kitchen.

Friendly speaking tablets are not cheap and they can be easily crack or break if you are not careful in handling them. Moreover using tablet in the kitchen might be a bit messy with the splat, spill and spread of ingredients during cooking process especially baking where flour mixtures and egg might get a bit tricky if you place the tablet nearer to your access.

(iPad Protector)

Each box consists of 25 sleeves which cost about S$1.00+ each and when you take out a sleeve from the box, there is a flap on one side where you can slide your iPad into the sleeve. To secure it, just remove the thin white strip to expose a sticky part on a flap, fold the flap back over the iPad and it is ready for use. Even though your iPad is protected by the sleeve, you can still use all your favorite Apps while making a mess and it's touch screen works perfectly under the thin protective film.

Although the sleeve is not water-proof but it is certainly makes to water-resistant till some extend to withstand spill of coffee, drinks or water by accident.

If you are looking for quick and easy protection for your iPad in the kitchen or outdoor where there is a risk that it might get dirty or wet, Chef Sleeve definitely works very well. For those who is interested to get this product you can refer to the following:-

~ From SINGAPORE:- Their online ordering site HERE;

~ From OVERSEAS:- Amazon.com HERE;

~ Chef Sleeve Facebook Page(Singapore) HERE.

Each Chef Sleeve box consists of 25 sleeves that fits both iPad and iPad 2.


Here I would like to share some of these sleeves with 2 Lucky Winners, each will received a gift pack that comes with 5 sleeves in order for your use or share with friends to try out this new iPad protector. If you are interested, please participate the Giveaway through Cuisine Paradise Facebook Page HERE.

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