Monday 8 August 2011

{New!} Tasty Breakfast Choices @ Burger King

Recently Burger King(BK) launched a new Breakfast Platter which is specially made for those who wants a healthy start for the day. This set consists of freshly cooked omelet folded around a filling of Turkey Ham and American cheese, smoked chicken frankfurter (made with 100% chicken breast, sage and mace) together with tangy taste of freshly grilled juicy tomato. Beside those mentioned there is also fluffy croissan'wich bun and generous portion of bite-size round hash browns to make this a hearty and wholesome breakfast platter.
Meal Price: S$7.45* (includes a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee/Tea)
*price varies at selected restaurants

But if you prefer something light and flavorful for breakfast, perhaps you can consider any of these bite size BK SHOTS Egg Benny or Tomato Benny. These breakfast sets come with either slices of ripe red tomato and buttery egg omelet or a delightful combination of Turkey ham and fluffy egg omelet patty both nestled in the soft seedless bun with premium creamy Hollandaise sauce.
Meal Price: S$3.50 (includes a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee/Tea)

Or you still prefer this all-time classic in BK’s breakfast menu which is made with buttery fluffy CROISSAN’WICH bun, American Cheese, slices of thinly shaved Turkey Ham together with soft and buttery egg omelet.
Meal Price: S$5.45* (includes a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee/Tea)
*price varies at selected restaurants

For your information, these 4 sets of breakfast treat are complemented by a cup of piping hot Seattle's Best Coffee to brighten up your day. You can read more about these Seattle's Best Coffee in another post HERE.

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