Sunday 20 March 2011

Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza has finally makes it way back to Singapore after it's hiatus for so many years. I remember this was my favourite takeway during my 2 years stay in Brisbane where we always pop-by to the nearest  Domino's outlet near our area on every Tuesday for their 1-For-1 promotion which you can get 2 regular pizza for less than AU$10.

Since last year, Domino's Pizza has re-lunched in Singapore with better flavour, products and services that capture most of the patrons palates. Recently we received some flyers in our mailbox on their value meals and A-la-crate Pizza offers which comes in handy especially during rainy evenings where we just want to enjoy some comfort food without leaving home.

Here is our "Value Meal 1" that costs S$29.80 nett plus an extra S$2.00 for our "Half and Half" toppings. I always love the idea of having two flavours in 1 pizza as I get to enjoy my favourite toppings without wastage of ordering two individual pizza which we could not be able to finish it up.

For this we have half each of the "Hawaiian Paradise" with 100% mozzarella cheese with smoked chicken breast, turkey ham and juicy pineapple while "Classy Chic" was topped with smoked chicken breast, chicken sausage, onion, green pepper and ripe olive. All these succulent toppings were all resting on top of the light and crispy Crunchy Thin Crust which was flat and thin that enables you to really enjoys the toppings instead of the flour dough. For your information, Half and Half only available for Regular, Large and Xtra Large pizza with the same pizza sauce base.

For side orders we had Cheese Onion Ring, Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings and Twisty Bread. But sad to say their hot and spicy wings taste rather tough and it was served in a pool of salty red sauce that soaked up the wings.

We love this Twisty Bread which was another version of garlic bread but with a softer, chewy kind of texture that topped with lots of yummy garlic powder.

Although we might not be very satisfied with the orders that we had but on the other hand I must compliment on their  good customers sservice which impressed us. Their operating staffs actually took the initiative to call and inform us about the possible of delay after 20 minutes upon order confirmation. And a 2nd call was received around another 15 minutes later to check upon the delivery of the pizza as well as their apology for the delay.

And to compensate their delay in delivery they also present us a FREE Regular pizza coupon which we can use on our next order too. Perhaps this coupon will come in handy for our 2nd trial on their speedy delivery pizza which might turn out better than what we had on this order.

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