Thursday 4 November 2010

Vietnam Delight ~ Bún Thit

Bun Thit is a simple and delicious meal in Vietnam consisting of cold rice vermicelli mixed with fresh vegetables and usually topped with barbecued pork. Served with nuoc cham sauce(pouring sauce) which is a good summer dish that is light, low fat, healthy and cooling.

Mum who has being to Vietnam shared with us this version of “Bun Thit” in Singapore taste much better compared to those she had in Vietnam because their sauce there are far too sweet towards her liking.

The dish is served with mixture of fresh vegetables such as beansprout, lettuce, Vietnamese basil, various kind of mint leaves and fish sauce. Other than all the fresh vegetables, this dish also comes with a layer of rice vermicelli that top with grilled lemongrass chicken, some toasted peanut and green onion. Overall it has a very special refreshing taste due to the "mint leaves" and fresh ingredients used.
Price: S$5.00 per bowl

Would like to try out their beef noodles and Vietnamese spring roll too. You can find this Vietnam Delight just beside the Hakka Abacus seeds stall located at basement 4 of Food Opera, ION Orchard.

Food Opera

Opening Hours:
10.00am - 11.00pm daily

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