Monday 15 November 2010

Sakae Sushi ~ New Menu Launched

Last week, 08 November 2010 Sakae Sushi has launched a brand new menu with over 40 new & exciting items including "Sakae Candle" in all its outlets islandwide. And for those customers who dine-in at Sakae Sushi you could also join in their November special photo contest in conjunction with their new menu. Here I would like to share with you some of their “NEW” dishes that I have tried.

Look at these gorgeous colour tones of the salmon slices on this “Salmon Blossom” dish. The touch of the burnt edge, salmon roe topping and codfish roe base makes this a perfect combination from the freshness of the sea lingering in your mouth. Love the taste of the different layers of texture for this dish.
Price: S$6.99 per plate (3 pieces)

I was attracted to the photo of this dish at Sakae Sushi Facebook (HERE) which draws my attention to drop by Sakae to try this out. But as usual when the dish served it was only about 80% similar to the photo illustration and the waitress was trying all her best to light up the "candle" which doesn't seems to light up. So in the end I was kind of disappointed with the "Sakae Candle" which has no flame. Guess I would have to try my luck on this dish again at another branch to see whether the "candle" does lights up. Despite of the "flame" issue, this dish is indeed another innovative idea from Sakae that captures both sight and taste of the patrons especially during coming Christmas season which added much atmosphere to it.
Price: S$6.99 per plate (2 pieces)

This new deep-fried tofu dish is supposed to be with Kimuchi sauce and not Kimuchi Soup like what shown in the photo. But despite of the appearance, this "Mushroom Kimuchi Tofu" is very appetizing due to its hot and sour taste from kimchi, great side dish to accompany with rice.
Price: S$5.99 per plate

Although this dish is marked with “New” but the content is quite similar to the previous Lobster Tofu dish in the old menu. Perhaps the only different is this new “Lobster Salad Tofu” is divided into smaller serving sizes compared to the big portion previously. The cold beancurd is sandwich with some lobster salad and topped with shrimp roe and mango cubes and served together with goma dressing.
Price: S$7.99 per plate

Lovely fresh Scallop resting on top of the sushi cubes which are coated with rice crackers. The moment when we bite it, we are all surprised by the hint of the spice taste that is quite similar to curry aroma. Each "Hotate Arare Maki" consists a thick layer of fresh scallop and a good spread of codfish roe that makes this a scrumptious maki dish. If you like adventure taste, try this!
Price: S$8.99 per plate

There are three types of "Carpaccio(raw fish)" dishes available in their new menu which are Hamachi(Yellow tail fish), Maguro(Tuna Fish) and Salmon. Since mum has not tried yellow tail sashimi before, I choose this “Hamachi Carpaccio” which comes with thinly sliced yellow tail resting on top of some shredded white onion and lettuce then drizzle with their special sauce. Love the fresh and sweet taste of the yellow tail would definitely order again during my next visit.
Price: S$8.99 per plate

For vegetable lovers or those who are looking for more healthier bites, Sakae Sushi has a new range of healthy veggie delights specially prepared for you too. You can try their new deep-fried "Vegetarian Mock Prawn", light and refreshing "Rice Paper Maki" or start off with some "Kinoko Salad" if you are mushroom lovers like us. Here we ordered two items from this veggie category such as "Vegetarian Mock Prawns" which is made with beancurd skin and other ingredients, deep-fried till golden brown then served with some vegetables and mayonnaise sauce on the side.
Price: S$4.99 per plate (3 pieces)

When I spotted this "Rice Paper Maki" on the menu, the first thing that flash across my mind is would this taste similar to the "Vietnamese Spring Roll"? I love the light and refreshing taste of Vietnamese spring roll that comes with their special chilli dipping sauce. But this Rice Paper Maki served at Sakae does not come with any dipping sauce which makes it taste rather a bit blend and dry. Perhaps a little dipping sauce to go with this would make it a perfect cooling snacks.
Price: S$6.99 per plate

For more photos of these "new" dishes that we tried, you can take a look at our Facebook page HERE.

In conjunction with the launched of the New Menu, there are five sets of S$30.00 Sakae Sushi Vouchers up for grabs in the month of November! To qualify for the "Foo-de-li-cious" Photo Contest, simply order any NEW item from Sakae Sushi New Menu and snap a photo of you, your family and/or friends enjoying the food to WIN!
To participate, please follow the steps below:
~ Step 1: Join us as Fan on Sakae Sushi Facebook

~ Step 2: Attach your photo(s) on our Facebook’s Wall (on top of the page)

~ Step 3: Add your own captions and include your name, contact no. and email address.

Good Luck~!

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