Monday 18 October 2010

Sakae Unagi Dishes

Since July this year, Sakae sushi has being having this monthly theme promotion on its new dishes. And for this October month, the theme is using “Unagi” where they launch 5 new dishes using unagi as one of the ingredient. So as a regular customer of Sakae, I always look forward to their monthly theme and these two unagi dishes such as “Unagi Sushi Cake” and “Unagi Cheesy Kushlyaki” are we have tried from the list.

Before meal, let's try some of this lovely sweet Japanese Plum Wine (梅酒) that goes pretty well with Sushi, Salad and appetiser. It has a very refreshing and sweet fruity taste that can be served at lunch or dinner during hot summer months. So do give it a try if you like something sweet and fruity to complete your meal for a relaxing weekend.
Price: S$12.00++ per bottle.

As usually these are my boy's favourite "Tamago Sushi" that he would always picked them from sushi belt.
Price: S$1.99 per plate of 2 sushi

This cold "Potato Salad" appetiser goes well with the plum wine above.
Price: S$4.99 per serving

The Unagi Sushi Cake comes with a few slices of unagi serving on top of the rice cake together with some diced mango, avocado and a little spoonful of fish roes. Although the portion might be slightly bigger for a mouthful bite but I am sure this is a healthy dish that combines the goodness of fish and fresh fruits.
Price: S$5.99 per serving

On the other hand, Unagi Cheesy Kushlyaki might be quite a disappointment because the deep-fried bread is simply soak with oil stain that makes this appetizer dish so oily for consuming. Guess this is either over fried or the staffs need to really drain or soak up all the oil from the bread before serving to the customers.
Price: S$8.99 per serving of 4 sticks

As you can refer to the photo the bread are kind of over fried and there is only a tiny bites of unagi sandwich in it together with some mayonnaise cream. Unless they do something to this dish or else I don't think I will pay S$9.00 to eat such oily bread with miserable unagi fillings.

We also have Tempura Udon that serves with a generous amount of soup udon and two tempura ebi. Luckily the prawns are not over cooked or too oily with soggy batter, it is still hot and crispy while served to us.
Price: S$10.99 per bowl

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