Tuesday 12 October 2010

KFC Roasta Burger & Snackers Deal

A week ago, I was captured by a poster outside one of the KFC outlet at a nearby shopping mall. And while sharing with my online friends, I also heard good review on their newly launch Roasta Burger too. Here are two recommendation post that I have read from my twitter friends "Foodielicious" and "Amanda".

And since I cannot resists the temptation on what they have shared, I decided to drop by one of their outlet and grab a set too. The Roasta Burger comes in two different value meal set at:-
Roasta Promo Meal: S$5.90 (comes with Burger, regular pepsi and whipped potato)
Roasta Meal: S$6.80 (comes with Burger, regular pepsi, whipped potato and coleslaw)

This is the reason why I am so tempted to try the new KFC Roasta Burger!!!!! Isn't this look cute with its' oven design box.

After unwrapping the wrapper you will see the juicy grilled chicken fillet being sandwich in between the soft bun (oat bran dusted bun) together with lots of fresh crisp lettuce strips and tomato slices. And if you want to have a healthier choice, you can also ask for plain that is without any sauce added.

Although this Roasta Burger is not something very fantastic in taste but at least it can be another alternative choice for KFC chicken lover to swap between their usual Zinger or Shrooms Burger. Here is a KFC Roasta Burger TVC for your viewing... hope you won't drool after this......

If you just want to have some bites, perhaps you can try their Snackers Value Meals which comes in 3 different choices such as Winglets Snackers, Popcorn Chicken Snackers and Drumstick Snackers. On top of this great value snacks, you can also top up additional S$1.00 to have a regular drink to go with it.

As usual, my little one loves to have their Popcorn Chicken Snackers which comes with generous amount of crispy chicken bits and fries.
Snackers: S$2.95 per box

To end the meal, we each have our favourite KFC Bake Portuguese Egg Tart as dessert. These lovely egg tarts have being around in their menu since January this year. But it is only a month or two back before we get to try this yummy treats after reading some good feedback about it from facebook and etc.

The crust of the tarts are flaky like those puff pastry type which is quite different from the usual biscuit base that we used to eat. I love the smooth and silky egg custard that taste just nice with a hint of lovely fragrant that makes you crave for two or more. These tarts are available at most KFC outlets at the pricing shown below:
Individual: S$1.30 per piece
Box of 2: $2.60; Box of 6: S$7.50

There are more than 50 KFC outlets island wide in Singapore and most of the outlets served the main items on the menu such as the usual Spicy/Original Chicken, Burgers, AM Breakfast, Egg Tarts as well as the new KFC Roasta Burger. You can click HERE to locate the nearest outlet to you.

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