Tuesday 31 August 2010

Wendy's @ GV Yishun 10

Em... if you are just given this photo to guess where are these baked potato from, can you score bingo for it? I am sure for those who always love to venture new food are bond to recognised some of the signature items from each restaurants at a glance. I have posted a similar photo at the Facebook Fan page and surprisingly all the 5 person who comments guess it correctly(click HERE to view). These baked potatoes are indeed from the new fast food restaurant known as “Wendy’s”.

Last Saturday, Joyce and I decided to drop by Wendy’s that is located in Golden Village Yishun 10. This newly opened outlet has replaced the Burger King that had being an icon fast food outlet there for more than 10 years I guess.

The queue at Wendy’s is pretty long during weekend evenings and I have to queue for about 30 minutes before I can get my orders done. To survive in these fast food industries, Wendy’s indeed has a wide range of items from different varieties of burgers to deep-fried chicken pieces, assorted baked potatoes, chili and array flavour of frosty. So after running through their menu, these are what Joyce and I settle with.

1/4 Pound Single Combo which comes with a 1/4 Pound Burger, small fries and drinks of your choice. You can also choose to upsize your side and drink with additional 50cents or S$1.00 for medium or large. Each bite of this 1/4 pound burger, you will get to taste the delicious patty that is grilled to juicy perfection and it is served with fresh toppings such as tomato and pickle. For a combo set like this with regular fries and drink it cost S$6.85 per set.

Next we get a set of their Fried Chicken Combo at S$7.40 each because we are curious to try out how different it taste compare to other fast food restaurants that serves fried chicken too. The outer layer is very crispy and the meat inside is surprisingly not dry or tough but tender. But if compare to other fried chicken, this taste rather mild without the usual herbs and spices taste.

My choice of "Broccoli & Cheese Baked Potato" @ S$3.30 each which is a huge serving that can be shared between two person. The piping-hot baked potato that is straight from the oven is topped with tender pieces of broccoli and a creamy cheese sauce. For me as a cheese lover, the cheese sauce taste rather a bit mild but in another way it will be less greasy and great for those non-cheese lovers to pick up this choice.

Joyce pick wants something less cheesy so she settle with this "Sour Cream & Chives Potato" that cost S$2.90 each. The sour cream topping goes well with the blend baked potato and makes it a rather healthy choice among the 5 toppings that are available. Although this taste great, but we thought if they have some extra fried bacon bits on top of the sour cream it would be perfection for this dish.

Wendy’s offer 4 different types of “Frosty” which are Original Frosty, Frosty Float, Frosty Shake and Twisted Frosty. Here we order one of their “Original Chocolate Frosty” that taste cool, creamy and refreshing. The texture is very smooth and it does not taste too sweet for those without sweet tooth. I am sure a small cup of this will satisfies your palate after hearty meal.

Other than burgers, fried chicken, baked potatoes and etc. Wendy's also have Breakfast Sets, Garden Salads, Chili, Kids' Meal (comes with a toy) and etc. Perhaps we will drop by another day to try out their breakfast set again.

There are a few Wendy's outlet around Singapore from the main branch at Lau Pa Sat and the rest locating at Jurong Point, Holland village, Liat Towers and Yishun 10. According to them, there will be another two NEW outlets coming up soon at Plaza by the Park and NEX Mall. Posted by Picasa


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