Wednesday 11 August 2010

Singapore Chinese Dialect Heritage Feast

10 days of the Singapore Food Festival 2010 event with Clarke Quay Food Street functioning 9 days at Clarke Quay Read Bridge has marked it's ending with this Singapore Chinese Dialect Heritage Feast that is held on 25 July 2010 .

During that day, the food street market is transformed into a Chinese Dialect Heritage Buffets with 5 buffet lines that consists over 100 varieties of yummy dialect food. And some of which we might not even get to eat it often or in Singapore too.

Gim Tim (click HERE for details) provides all the Hokkien Dialect Cuisines for this year Food Festival Heritage Feast where you can find some of the famous dishes such as:- Fish Maw Potage, Hokkien Yam Rice, Tau Kua Bun, Fried Tapioca Flour Noodles etc.

Cantonese love soup despite on whether sweet or savory soup and "Six Variety Herbal Soup - 六味汤" is one of those they have must have.

Teochew Cuisines from Chu Yi Kitchen Pte Ltd (Click HERE for details) where you get to taste all kind of Teochew cuisines.

Some examples of Teochew Cuisine are:- Deep-fried Prawn Roll (ngoh hiang), Omelette with Cai Por, Braised Pig Trotters, Fried Bee Hoon with Pork Strips and etc.

Hainanese Cuisines from Yeh Lai Siang (Click HERE for details) where you get to taste some local and Malaysian style Hainanese cuisines. Above are some of the cuisines and snack available during the buffet:- Hainan Yan Fen, San Jiao Guo, Chicken Intestine Fried with Pineapple, Curry and etc.

According to mum, grandpa whom is a Hainanese used to make this "Bo Luo Fen" for them during her childhood time. So while eating this dish, it does brings back lot of her childhood memories. The salted mustard green and peanuts add extra flavour and crunch to this simple noodle dish. Wonder can I replicate this dish at home for mum.......

Kew Gardens contributes all the Hakka cuisines and snacks where they also have a little setup on their stall demonstrating the making of traditional Hakka Abacus seeds.

Some examples of Hakka Cuisine are:- Mei Cai Kou Rou, Hakka Carrot Balls(they have braised and deep-fried, two types), Black Bean Kueh, Yong Tau Foo, Soon Kueh and etc.

Tai Jin Hai Seafood in-charge of the Cantonese cuisines where you can find all sort of sweet and savory items such as Egg Tarts, Yam Cake, Dumplings, Sweet & Sour Fish, Luo Han Zou and etc.

This pot of Pig Trotters with Vinegar was our favourite. It taste great where you can just drink the soup itself which is not over power by the black vinegar. Most of us take seconding helping for this dish.

After getting the food, guests can sit around the area provided at the end of the buffet line whereby they can enjoy the yummy cuisines and at the listens to those 50s - 60s oldies songs. Posted by Picasa

Many thanks to Marcus Wong, Word Of Mouth Communications Pte Ltd and Singapore Food Festival for hosting this event.

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