Sunday 27 June 2010

Iphone Game - Cookie Dozer

Out of all those latest IPhone Games, which is your favourite pick among those list. Recent my boy was hook on playing "Coin Dozer" whereby you will earn 1 coin per 30 second while playing and 5 coins per hour when not playing with a top limit of 40. And yesterday, I discovered that they have this similar game known as "Cookie Dozer" which has being release just two days ago.

As you can see the coins are replaced by cookies; and the toy prizes are replaced by food such as donuts, cupcakes, pies and chocolate which is excellent for kids and food bloggers like me :) The 3D graphic really makes the food look so yummy and tempting while playing it.

Aafter playing this game, we end up grabbing two packets of FA chocolate chips cookies from the store :p

Some of the samples of the 24 food prizes to be collect during the game. You can either collect each category of the food to unlock special bonus or you can sell the food for some spare cookies to play the game. This is a FREE download game which you can find in your IPhone App Store under Games categories.

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