Monday 17 May 2010

KFC - 2 Pieces Meal Set

I am sure you are familiar with this........Yes Yes!!! This is the "KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken" which most of us love to have it either regularly or once in a while. I remember vividly that my 1st encounter with KCF was during my Primary School days which is almost twenties over year. During that time fast food restaurants were not as common as these days and we don't really get a chance to visit it unless during special occasions.

For me, I have a habit to test out different fast food outlets whenever I am overseas. Because I find each country will somehow or rather served some unique items which represent as their signature dish. So far whenever I visit KFC, I will always ordered their 2 Pieces Set Meal which I can enjoy my favourite side dishes and chicken and at the same time catch up with some of my childhood memories where my dad will give us a treat if I do well in my exam.

I have always fancy their "Coleslaw" which is fresh and yummy and it really goes well with those deep-fried chicken.

Look at their Whipped Potato which is so smooth and creamy. I love to dipped my fries in it and eat together which will give it extra flavour.

If I would have to choose between Original or Hot & Spicy, my choice was always on "Hot & Spicy". I love the crispy outer skin which is marinated with spicy herbs and fried till perfection. Posted by Picasa

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