Tuesday 11 May 2010

2010 Taiwan Trip - Day 4

Staying a night at the Hot Spring Resort at Chipen - 知本 was another kind of experience for us who come from a modern city where we used to stay in Flats which is so different from them. Today we will bypass "Kaohsiung - 高雄" to "Jiayi - 嘉义" where we will stay for the night since we are not going to "Alishan - 阿里山" due to the closure and repairing of the certain road towards the mountain.

After breakfast we travel our way down to "Kaohsiung - 高雄" where we stop by a town at "Fangshan - 枋山" which is famous for its' Taiwan Egg-Shape Mango(鸡蛋芒果) and Rose Apple(莲雾) plantation . The Mango that they have over there is smaller then the usual one that we have and it's very sweet and juice. You can see the crowds queuing up to buy the freshly made "Mango Ice - 芒果冰沙" which is so cooling and refreshing. At this little rest area, we can sample some of their freshly cut-fruit before buying and I must admit their Rose Apple taste so crunchy and sweet which makes you crave for more.

Lunch was at one of the restaurant known as Man Xiang Yuan - 满香园 at the foot of "Fo Guang Shan - 佛光山". There is a special dish called "Bitter gourd and Pineapple Soup" which most of us like because this soup is not bitter gourd like what we thought but rather sweet and sour due to the adding of pineapple. According to them, this is a very good summer soup that can quench your thirst. If you are interested in this soup, then you must stay tune on my food blog for upcoming recipe which I will replicate this soup soon...

The headquarters of Fo Guang Shan, located in Kaohsiung, is the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. At this place it is filled with wondrous attraction of the monastery with hundreds of gilded Buddha images stand in line. The educational programs of Fo Guang Shan include four Buddhist colleges, three regular college, and various community colleges.

During the days in Taiwan, we agreed that this is the most delicious Baked Golden Sweet Potato among those that we have tried. As you can see, the colour is so bright and golden which make is taste so naturally sweet and fragrant. And I know there is a stall at Suntec near Carrefour known as "Sweet Potato Place - 地瓜村" also selling this kind of sweet potato which they franchise from Taiwan as well as some other special products.

Bread!!! All kind delicious look bread from a bakery called Shinn Bin Bakery which is opposite the "Spring and Autumn Pavilions - 春秋阁". It is a Taoist temple complex located on Lotus Lake in Kaohsiung, Taiwan where you will be amused by gigantic statues of Dragon and Tiger Pagodas. For us who loves Bread it is a great joy to discover a bakery along the journey as there don't seems to have as many bakery shops as what we do in Singapore. So upon spotting this one, almost half of our tour mates went in and grab a big bag of goodies each.

Next we arrived in Tainan - 台南 to take a look at the "Anping Gu Bao - 安平古堡" which is located between Guosheng Road and Castle Street. It is built during Dutch occupation of Taiwan in 1624.

After exploring around the fort, we went down to the food street near it which is known as the "Gubau Street - 古堡街" where there are a lot of night market food stalls selling Anping local delights. One of the special item that we try is this "Deep-fried Toast" which is known as "棺财板". It is a kind of deep-fried hollow thick toast which filled with mixed vegetable, chicken and white sauce dressing.

Along the street, there is a stall selling all kinds of handmade biscuits and pastries. One of it is known as "Soft Tongue Cake - 软牛舌饼" which is something like a thin crispy cracker that makes in different shapes like round, oblong and etc and it wrapped with some black sugar(黑糖).

After the night market, we travel about 30 minutes to reach "Zhen Bei Ping Restaurant - 真北平餐厅" to try their Chinese cuisine and famous "Bei Ping Roast Duck - 北平烤鸭". There are about 8 dishes, 1 soup and 2 desserts for our dinner and most of the dishes are up to our expectation. Personally I love the Handmade Noodle Soup which is tasty and the noodle is very Q. Their Caramel Sweet Potato is also one of the special dessert which I like most. They deep-fried the sweet potato pieces into golden brown then coat it with caramel sugar, and according to the tour guide we need to dip the sweet potato into cold water before eating so that the sugar will not be harden.

After dinner we were arranged to stay a night in "Jiayi - 嘉义" before we start off for another day of excitement. Upon settle down at the hotel, most of the tour mates still went out to the night market along the street near our hotel. Whereas we are all too tired to move around especially Rey wanted to sleep early as he was very tired after the whole day program. Posted by Picasa

p/s: Sorry I knew, I am kind of slow in updating the Taiwan trip posts for those who is interested to read more. Please give me sometime to sort out the photos and I will try to update the rest of the 5 posts as soon as possible. Thanks a lot :)

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