Saturday 22 May 2010

Siam Kitchen

Siam Kitchen is a modern restaurant that served causal Thia cuisine with several branches around different parts of Singapore such as Bugis, Jurong, Suntec, Causeway point and etc. Their menu range from Appetizers(Deep Fried Chicken in Pandan Leaf, Lemongrass Chicken Wings), Salad(Green Mango Salad), Savoury Thai Soups(Tom Yum, Thick Fish Maw Crabmeat Soup) and many others including dessert such as Fresh Mango Slices with Sweet Sticky Rice.

Green Curry - Chicken (Gang Keaw Wan) is Green Curry cooked with chicken, baby eggplant and sweet basil leaves. The portions of the ingredients seems generous with a lot of Thai green eggplants but the chicken pieces seems to be a little miserable less. And we also find that the curry sauce is kind of salty too.

Other than the Green Curry we also ordered the "Clear Seafood Tom Yum Soup" which is a clear sour soup which is flavored with fresh lemon grass and kaffir lime leaf that consists of fish, squid, prawn, tofu and etc. Posted by Picasa

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