Tuesday 20 October 2009

Prosperous Kitchen @ Sembawang Shopping Centre

Singapore Shopping Center has being located in Sembawang Road area among the Semi-detached estate for more than 10 years. I still remember vividly that I used to go there with my secondary school mate to enjoy the BBQ stingray, pizza hut pizza and the famous Thai Food stall. But today, after the 2nd major renovation, Singapore Shopping Center has changed most of its' previous shop/restaurant.

Today we are going to try this Chinese cuisine restaurant located at the second floor known as "Prosperous Kitchen - 天旺". They have mainly two restaurants in Singapore which another branch located at West Coast Plaza.

To start off, we order a bowl of their "Brazil Mushroom Chicken Soup" which served in small individual box @ S$5.00 each bowl. The taste of the soup is light, non-greasy and most important is full of flavour that is infused from the Brazil Mushroom. Next we have "Yang Chow Fried Rice", the rice is very fragrant and each grain is nicely fried and separated from each other. Although the price is slightly higher than normal "Zhi Char - 煮炒" stall, I guess it's still worth the price for the taste and its generous ingredients.

Em... honestly, we are very shock and a kind of disappointed with this "Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs - 京都排骨". First of all, we waited for about 20 minutes due to the dinner crowds, secondly when this dish arrived we thought the waitress might have bring the wrong dish as this look more like "Pai Gu Wang - 排骨王" to us rather than the one we saw and ordered from the menu. The one we ordered, is sort of like pork ribs, darker in colour for the sauce and there are also some extra almond/sesame seeds with it. So compare this to the one we saw it's really a big different.

From the myth, they used to say that the main ingredients to make this "3 Cups Chicken - 三杯鸡" is 1 cup each of Dark Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil and Rice Wine. This is rather a traditional Taiwanese dish but you can easily find this in most Chinese restaurants or Zhi Char stall in Singapore. While looking around the tables, it seems that about 6/10 tables around us ordered this dish. It is serve in a small claypot and you can smell the nice sesame oil aroma when the dish arrived at the table. Overall we find this is the best dish to recommend out of all we have ordered. The combination of the chicken, sauce and side ingredients like chilli, spring onion and etc plays a great part for this dish.

Next we have this "Scramble Egg & Prawns Hor Fun - 鲜虾滑蛋河粉" which comes with a serving of about 6 - 8 medium size prawns cooked in scramble egg sauce together with straw mushroom and thin flat rice noodles. This is a one person serving portion which cost S$7.50. I guess for prawn and rice noodles loves, this is sure a great deal to order. I personally love the combination of the egg sauce with the fried rice noodles.

Lastly comes our dessert of the day which is my favourite, "Mango Pomelo Cream - 杨枝甘露". This is kind of different from the usual mango pomelo with shaved ice. As you can see from the photo, this is sort of like a blended mango juice that is mixed with some cream/milk then served with some extra mango cubes and pomelo. Not a good choice you are looking for that kind of Hong Kong style Mango Pomelo with sago. Posted by Picasa

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