Monday 4 January 2010

Streets Cafe Restaurant @ IMM

Streets Café Restaurant - 街头茶餐厅 has a few branches located in different area of Singapore. Eg, IMM Jurong, Bukit Panjang Plaza, City Square Mall and etc. As we are going to IMM to grab some stuffs and it's around lunch time, we decided to get our lunch in this Hong Kong style cafe.

Although this is not my first time patronise a Hong Kong Style cafe, but it is rather my first time visiting this Streets Cafe. There are not many tables being occupied despite of nearly to lunch hours. After scanning through the menu, we settle for the following drinks and main dish. Their Ice Milk Tea is serve using a very special cup which look sort of like a jar but with handler. But the taste of the milk tea is kind of average which compare to even our local coffee shop standard milk tea.

I love the combination of Mango and Pomelo, so while looking at the drinks column, my attention was being caught with this "Ice Blended Mango Pomelo". Before this drink is being served, I actually think of it to be serve on a bowl with shaved ice and mango puree which sort of like our local dessert, "Ice Ka Chang". But when the drink is served, I was totally amazed by it's attractive and colourful combination. This is indeed another great way to try this famous Hong Kong dessert.

Their "Beef Hor Fun with Gravy" comes in a big serving plate with everything mixed together. So on the glance of it, you might feel "Errrrrrr" what is this? Or maybe I can put it as the presentation of the dish is not very good, the look of it makes the dish look like a plate of mixed vegetable dish rather than Stir-fry Beef Hor Fun....... But thankfully, the taste is still good and the beef are still tender to taste.

The Ying Yang Baked Rice came with 2 sauces which is the white sauce and tomato sauce. The sauce split right in the middle and topped with generous amount of Mozzarella Cheese. The texture of the rice was just nice, but we think the taste of the sauce can be improve much better.

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