Wednesday 30 September 2009

Sakae Buddies

Children Day is one of the special holiday that kids of all ages look forward to. They enjoy all kinds of treats, food, goodies and gifts that is given to them on during celebration. So this year we are having our early Children's Day lunch @ Sakae Sushi.

Look at the range of "Froggy" goodies that Sakae offers. They have all kinds of item made in the shape of that green frog which is so adorable in the eyes of both kids and adult. Rey have a few collection of these items and his wishing list is to get all of them and display them in his playroom just that what they did in the Sakae Sushi outlet.

Rey's classmate tried this Salmon Skin(鮭皮) Inari Sushi which consists of sushi rice filled in a pouch of fried tofu and topped with crispy minced salmon skin that blend so nicely with the sushi rice. We have never tried this before and at the 1st glance, I still thought it is minced beef or tuna :)

Although we have tried countless of the Chawanmushi from Sakae, but I must confess that this is the first time we order this Unagi Chawanmushi. Imagine have a few pieces of tasty grill eel on top with a cup of smooth and silky steam egg custard. Both Rey and his classmate enjoy this little treat which they called it "pudding".

I knew Rey and his buddy love the combination of "meat floss" with rice. So I specially order this "Fruitti Maki" which is coated with a layer of floss on the outer layer of the roll and some extra colourful fresh fruits on top of it. The choice of the fruits give this sushi an extreme appetizing look.

As you read from my previous two Sakae related posts, there are always "Temaki"(Temaki sushi is a form of rolled sushi, created in a cone or roll shape) available in our list. I am always fascinated by its vibrant colour combination. So start from top right to button left to right we have:-

1) Manago Avocado: Decent amount of sushi rice wrap with a layer of nori sheet and top with crunch of lettuce, slices of green apple, mango and avocado. Mum love this combination.

2) Ebi Fry: Rey's buddy choose this as he loves the combi of deep-fry prawn with rice and wrapped with nori sheet and he finished it in less than 2 minutes..... So I guess it must be really nice, must get hold of one on my next visit :)

3) California: This round, I order the California Tamaki which consists of cucumber, imitation crab stick, avocado and a spoonful of fish roes. Yummy!!!

Dragon Roll is wrap with a inner layer of deep-fried prawn and nori sheet while the outer layer are covers with a generous amount of avocado slices which has a buttery taste infuse in it. This is definitely a healthy choice for weight watcher and I love anything that has avocado in it.......

Ajituske Idako is a combination of sweet and savoury baby octopuses that is place on top of sushi rice wrapped with nori sheet. My mum will always pick up a plate of this from the convey belt as she loves the crunch and taste of the baby octopus in their special sauce.

Look at this hot and spicy Kimuchi Hotpot, does it spice up your palate to order 1? This soup is infuse with some hot and spicy taste from the Kimchi, sweetness of the seafood and great nutritious of the vegetables used. And since Rey's buddy mummy love to try something which is unusual, we recommend her this dish which is value for it price that consists of so many ingredients in one pot. We all love the taste of this soup which is just nice for what we are looking for.

Finally it's dessert time that everyone is looking forward too... Too bad the branch has run out of Tempura Ice-cream so the kids will have to settle on other choices. One of the waiter recommend us to try this "Strawberry Smiles" which is fresh strawberry stuffs with frozen ice-cream. Everyone of us love this, as the frozen blend just great with the strawberry. The colour is really sweet and eye catching for the kids.

Another dessert that we venture is this Lychee flavour "Mochi Ice-cream". Being a fan of Sakae sushi for so many years, I have not actually try their other dessert range than the Tempura Ice-cream. So today, we really benefit a lot from trying all these cute and interesting dessert that they offer. Their mochi is wrapped with the Lychee flavour ice-cream which makes the dessert very light and refreshing taste.

Look at the kids, they really enjoy they visit at Sakae and it is really fun and heartwarming to give a treat to those who have similar taste. And since, Children's Day is around the corner, this is the best treat to reward them :)

And Candice, thanks for your recommendation on being a Sakae E-journalist too. Now we have more excuses to visit Sakae for our favourite dishes. Thank you :) So readers, if you are reading this post and you are interested to be like one of us who can eat and blog with Sakae at the same time, do click on this link to find out more :p


  1. You are welcome, dear! :)

    Anyway, i love anything that has avocado too!

    I'm glad that you have a great time dining with the kids. :)

    Candice Johanis :)

  2. Yup...Candice, now we have more excuses on visiting our fav sushi outlets :p


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