Sunday 20 September 2009

Hari Raya Delights

Today is Hari Raya Puasa holiday which is an important Muslim festivals in Singapore. Hari Raya is Malay for "Grand day of rejoicing". It is also known to be a celebratory occasion following a month of fasting. This year we are so lucky to have a new Malay neighbour shifting into our area who gave us so many of their homemade delicacy.

These are their homemade cookies which is so pretty at sight and delicious on taste. Rey loves these star cornflake and chocolate cornflake cups while I fancy more on the pineapple tarts and almond cookies.

This is Sambal Petai with Tempeh is one of the interesting dish that I have not try before. It consists of prawn, petail, tempeh, chicken liver and a lot of chilli spices. It is a very tasty and appetising dish and I love the combination of add the chicken liver in it.

Ayam Masak Merah (Spicy Tomato Chicken) is similar to the Italian famous dish Chicken Cacciatore except for it spicy hotness. The chicken pieces are pan-fried to a golden brown then simmered with the spicy tomato sauce. It is a popular Malay dish which is usually eaten with nasi tomato (tomato rice).

Look at this delicious and tender looking Mutton Rendang. It goes really well with their homemade ketupat (rice cake wrapped in coconut leaf) which is soft and fragrance. We give their Mutton Rendang 8/10 as the meat is really tender and the gravy is excellent with the combination of spices. Most important fact is you won't find that strong "Mutton" smell on this dish.......

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