Sunday 9 August 2009

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

What do you usually have for breakfast? A slice of bread with butter and jam, some fried noodles, or either some cereal with milk? No matter what you have, in Singapore you won't be troubled by food. You can have all kind of choices range from Western to Asian depending on what you prefer for that day.

Most of the Singaporean will like to have this quick and easy breakfast of the half-boiled egg with kaya toasts that served with a cup of freshly brew coffee for their morning breakfast or even afternoon tea-snacks. You can find this type of combination served in local coffee shop or specialized cafe like one of this called "Ya Kun Kaya Toast".

They many branches located in Asian countries like Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and etc. And they have about 30 branches located in different shopping area around Singapore. Their range of Egg & Toast set comes in different combination that you might want to take a closer look in their menu.(click here, check under Ya Kun Menu) Although most of us here have already known and eaten these but just for the interest of some other readers, I will roughly introduce some of the usual orders that most of us will take. Posted by Picasa

~ 1. Half-boiled Eggs which is freshly made upon ordering and it's usually eaten with some pepper & dark soy sauce. But most of us will like to dip or soak the toast in the egg and eat together with it.

~ 2. Singapore Style Coffee which is rich and full of aroma. This is very different from the western coffee which you really should give it a try. It usually consists of a few combination like, Black Coffee(Kopi O), White Coffee(Kopi - coffee with condensed milk) or Kopi Si(coffee with evaporate milk).

~ 3. French Toast & Kaya which is fried bread with beaten egg and served with some extra Ya Kun Kaya as dipping sauce or spread.

~ 4. Kaya Toast is actually two slices of toasted bread sandwich with butter and Ya Kun very own signature Kaya.

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