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[Day 4] Lunch At Secret Garden, Thai Cuisine And Bakery

Day four was rather a shopping spree where we do last minute shopping before catching our flight back to Singapore on the next morning.  So after our morning breakfast at hotel, we decided to go Central and Platinum Mall via the BTS before setting our lunch at Secret Garden Thai Cuisine which is located at Sathorn Road.

We took the skytrain to Chidlom Station and walk towards Platinum Fashion Mall which occupy six floors that filled with small outlets with most of them specializing in women's clothing and fashion accessories. A good tip to shop at Platinum Mall is to purchase items in bulk (3 items and above) so that you will received discount up to 30% or more per item. (sorry I didn't snatch photos on the shops as we were too busy looking at those "goodies" :p)

And if you are hungry, just like most of the shopping malls in Bangkok there is also a food court which located on the fifth floor along with other cafes and fast food chains too! But before you start getting anything, remember to purchase your food coupons in order to get your food. Below are some of the common snacks that we saw at the food court and there are still many other dishes for you to explore.

[Platinum Mall Food Court] Assorted Rice Roll with Meat or Prawn
[Platinum Mall Food Court] Fried Quail Eggs
[Platinum Mall Food Court] Steamed Topica with Coconut Cream
At one end of the food court, you can find this Bird Nest stall selling red and white bird nest desserts (sweet soup) which comes in two different flavours ranging from 100 - 500 THB (SG$4.00 - SG$20.00). We didn't try their bird nest this round as it don't look appetizing to us when compared to what we have back home. Also we are afraid that it might be something similar to we had over at Mahboonkrong (MBK) the other day.

[Platinum Mall] Bird Nest Stall
Other than bird nest dessert, the stall also offer Bird Nests in different packaging which you can purchase and cook on your own.

After getting our stuffs at Platinum Fashion Mall, we head down to Central World Mall which can be consider as a mega shopping complex in Bangkok. It offers almost everything from brand name boutiques, funky fashion, high-tech gadgets, designer furniture to imported groceries and etc. Guess most of you can spent either half to 3/4 day just at this mall itself.

While we were at Central World Mall, my boy spotted this "enormous" Green Pig which was on display together it's company of little piggy at their Kid's section for toys.

Our lunch was at this beautiful restaurant located at Sathorn Road which is one of the busiest area in Bangkok. Secret Garden Thai Cuisine and Cafe is an English styled white building surrounded by a beautiful garden where you can chose to have either indoor or al fresco dinning depending on your preference / weather.

[Secret Garden Thai Cuisine] Indoor dining area
The indoor dining area has a bright room decorated with green tones together with flowers and large chandeliers which makes you feel cozy.

[Secret Garden Thai Cuisine] Lemon Grass Drink vs Thai Iced Tea
Brother had being to Secret Garden twice so he knew exactly what dishes to order in order to suit our liking. And while flipping through their menu, I realize they do serve a varieties of food from appetizer, main to dessert. Although their price might might be slighter high as compare to some other place but I guess it is still a good place for family to get together and enjoy the cozy environment. 

[Secret Garden Thai Cuisine] Steamed Rice Cake with Preserved Turnips
Thai-style Steamed Rice Cake with Preserved Turnips is something similar to our Chinese "chwee kueh" that serve with preserved turnips and chilli. But as you can see the Thai version, their preserved turnips are less oily and more towards the dry side as compared to our local version. Taste wise still quite good whereas texture of their steamed cake is slightly firm too.

[Secret Garden Thai Cuisine] Stir Fried Black Pepper Beef
[Secret Garden Thai Cuisine] Roti with Yellow Curry Chicken
[Secret Garden Thai Cuisine] Stir Fried Chicken with Basil Leaf on Rice
[Secret Garden Thai Cuisine] Deep Fried Grouper with Spicy Sweet and Sour Sauce
[Secret Garden Thai Cuisine] Fried Morning Glory (ผัดผักบุ้งเส้น)
This is an interesting dish that I would like to recommend as it was prepared in a rather old-fashioned way by stir frying the stalks of the Morning Glory with soy sauce and cut chilli. It's quite an appetizing dish to go with rice or eat it on it's own.

[Secret Garden Thai Cuisine] Raw Papaya Salad with Dried Shrimp
[Secret Garden Thai Cuisine] Steamed Pandan Rice and Green Curry Set
Love their pandan rice that makes from real "pandan leaves" juice rather than artificial pandan essence or paste. The rice has a very fragrance taste and it pairs well with some of the dishes but again if you prefer they also have steamed white rice for your choice. As for this set, I love the spicy pork belly which is soft and tasty and it goes goes well with the noodles.

117/1 South Sathorn Road (Thanon Sathorn Tai)
Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
Telephone: 02 286 2464

Opening Hours:
11.00 am - 10.00 pm

- Depending on which direction you board the train, the Chong Nonsi BTS and take a walk toward Sathorn road about 10 minutes.

Secret Garden Bakery which is next door to their main dining area at Secret Garden Thai Cuisine.
After lunch we decided to hope over to their cafe which is just next door. I love the English design concept of the furniture, colours, flower prints and etc in their cafe which makes the diner feel so homely. Also from what I read-up Secret Garden Bakery is famous for their crepe cakes as well as wide varieties of tea cakes.

[Secret Garden Cafe] Strawberry Cheesecake
[Secret Garden Cafe] Crepe Cake with strawberry sauce
[Secret Garden Cafe] Banana Chocolate Cake
[Secret Garden Cafe] Ice Chocolate
Initially our aim was to take a look at their cake menu for future visit as we were still too full after lunch.  But their cakes are really too tempting that we actually ordered 3 different flavours to share among the six of us. As you can see, we order their "famous" crepe cake with strawberry sauce and it does taste really awesome. Each layer of crepe skin is so smooth and soft, layer with fragrant cream and top with generous amount of 'real" strawberry sauce which balance the taste of the cream in it.

After all we do enjoy their crepe cake to bit and other than crepe cake, their strawberry cheesecake is also quite good with rich cheesy taste that we love. So if you need a good place to hangout for tea and cake, this is rather a good place too or you can check up my previous post on Afternoon Tea at Agalico too if you prefer something more classic with garden sitting.

After dessert we took a short walk to the nearest BTS station (Sala Daeng BTS) along Silom Road where we by-pass Le Table de Tee which is a french restaurant situated at the back alley of Soi Sala Daeng. Since the restaurant is rather small with only room that caters 20 diners, it would be advisable that you make a reservation before heading down.

At Le Table de Tee one can enjoy well-presented delicious French food such as their set menu that comes with five-course at only 950 THB (SG$ 38.00++) per person. Initially we planned to try their set menu during one of our four nights in Bangkok but as we can't make it on most of the nights we have no choice but to KIV it till our next visit to Bangkok.

Le Table de Tee
69/5 Saladaeng Road
Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Telephone: +66 2 636 3220

Opening Hours:
6.30pm - 10.30pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

Street Vendors selling Thai Salad and Noodles.
Fresh Fruit Juice Stall Along the Street
Fresh Fruit Stall
Further down the street towards the BTS station which is near Silom Complex, we also saw some street vendors selling local Thai Food like salad, snack, drinks, fresh cut fruits and etc along the roadside. This type of street vendors are very commonly found in Bangkok along the street near shopping mall area or along busy street where tourist or patrons can easily access them.

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