Friday 2 July 2010

SKY Dining @ Singapore Flyer

I am sure most of you have heard about Singapore Flyer or even being on board at least once ever since it opened to public on 1st March 2008. Towering at 165 metres tall, Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel with unique day-to-night panorama of Singapore city and parts of Malaysia and Indonesia at every turn of the wheel.

On Wednesday evening, I was honor to be selected as one of the 5 winners from the OpenRice Singapore TweetUp contest at their facebook and twitter list on #ORTU. From their facebook page(here), you can participate in their weekly contest to be one of the winners to join the team to an exclusive meal with other fellow foodie in Singapore.

While waiting to board the flyer, Fulvia, the host from Singapore Flyer brought us up to the VIP Lounge via the private access lift to a plush atmosphere whereby there is a mini bar and house pour beverages.

We were in the fully setup private dining capsule at around 7.30pm and everyone of us are very excited to begin our dining journey on the Singapore Flyer with the OpenRice Singapore, Editorial team where they actually doing this event Live at the Ustream TV (click HERE).

After seated, we were being served a glass of “Fresh Summer Berries In Ginger Ale” as our Welcome Drink. I love this beverage, which taste light and refreshing which goes well with the starter.

For starter, “Marinated Tuna Seaweed Furuke” will be served. The Ahi tuna in Japanese spices was laced with kumquat pommery dressing and accompanied with olive honey tomato and daikon cress. The honey tomato and daikon cress was very appealing for both sight and taste. Overall, this is a great starter, which is also served together with some baguettes of two different toppings.

After the 1st round of rotation which is about 30 minutes, the capsule will stop at the starting point for the In-flight attendant to prepare serving the main course and getting ready for the 2nd rotation. While waiting for the main course to get ready, most of the participates are eagerly taking the opportunity to snap some photo shots of the food and etc.

The complimentary wine that is served during the meal is known as “Misha's Vineyard - High Note” from The Local Nose Wine company.(click HERE).

Sarah from “The Local Nose” was sharing with us some of the knowledge on select different kinds of wine to go with each type of main course. She also shared with the some notes of the Wine from Misha’s Vineyard.

There are 3 different type of Main Course available for the guest to select from either salmon, chicken or lamb. And my choice of for the Main Course is “Arctic Char Salmon Escalopes”. It consists of two pieces of salmon steak stacked on top of the mashed potatoes patty, asparagus and etc. Beside it, there is a shooter glass with some ginger soya gravy to accompany the dish. Overall the dish taste quite good except I find that the salmon seems to be a bit too try if you don’t dipped it in the ginger soya gravy.

According to the Singapore Flyer Host, Fulvia, not any single one of us has ordered for their “Slow Cooked Spring Chicken Coq Au Vin”. And to our surprised, we have the same number of person choosing Salmon and Lamb dish that makes it a perfect 10.

Stewed Lamb Shank Vindaloo” is simmered with scented Asian spices and served with chef accompaniment. Although it might look spicy due to its presentation but during the meal, those who had this dish don’t seems to have any complaint over it.

An hour or so after the two rotations, every one of us has enjoyed the wonderful night with great food and wine and after which we proceed to the VIP Lounge for our after meal dessert as well as coffee/tea.

The dessert for June/July menu is “Sticky Toffee Pudding” that is with dual sauce such as caramel and crème anglaise. For a dessert lover and baker like me, this is indeed a wonderful treat which is just well balance in taste which is neither too sweet nor too blend. I am sure having this with a cup of coffee/tea together with some great friends is indeed something memorable.

Thank you OpenRice Singapore for organizing this wonderful event, Singapore Flyer for their great food and excellent services as well The Local Nose for their complimentary of “Misha’s Vineyard - High Note” wine tasting. For information of the Singapore Flyer Full Butler Sky Dining can be found HERE.

P/s: More photos @ Cuisine Paradise Facebook Fan Page (Here)

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