Saturday 30 March 2013

[Day 3] RAKERU (ラケル) @ Shinjuku, Tokyo

[Continue from Exploring Shijuku (新宿) post HERE] There are many theme restaurants/cafes in Japan such as RAKERU (Alice in wonderland), Vampire cafe, Hello Kitty Cafe, AKB48 Cafe and etc. And with RAKERU as one of the nearest themed restaurant near our hotel at Shinjuku (新宿西口店), we actually went for a dinner to try out their mouthwatering Omurice (egg omelette with rice) and waffle desserts.

The restaurant is located at Basement 1 and the concept of RAKERU is based on English lakeside country house design where woods and fabric are used to create a cozy dining atmosphere.

One of the Menu @ RAKERU

In Japan, almost every family loves cream corn soup and it is not difficult to find them in most restaurants or supermarkets. RAKERU served a decent Cream Sweetcorn Soup which was smooth and not too sweet with homely taste that was not being too creamy. On top of it there were also some crispy bits of garnish which makes it quite different from the usual accompany garlic bread or toast.

KUKU Mozzarella Cheese Omurice (¥1,029 / S$13.50) @ Rakeru

KUKU Mushroom Omurice with Demi-glace Sauce (¥1,134 / S$15.00) @ Rakeru

Cross Section of the KUKU Mushroom Omurice

Creamy Egg Omurice Demi-Glace Hamburg (¥924 / S$12.00) @ Rakeru

Mushroom And Cheese Omurice @ Rakeru

The ordering menu was quite straight forward with either set meal or just the omurice itself. With the any set meal ordered there would be some accompany sides such as RAKERU famous Butter Bread, Salad and Baked Potato and a bowl of their signature Cream Sweetcorn Soup too.

Although their Omurice serving is not as big as CoCoICHIBANYA Curry House but with the additional sides and soup, it was actually very filling for one person if you are not a big eater. 

Raspberry Parfait @ Rakeru

Chocolate Banana Waffle (¥ 608 / S$8.00) @ Rakeru

Waffle with Fruits And caramel Pudding (¥ 756 / S$9.80) @ Rakeru
After the main courses, we also ordered some of their signature waffle desserts to share among the group of us. The waffle had crispy outer skin and yet soft and moist texture which goes well with the accompany sauce, ice cream and fruit.

In total we spent about ¥7,896 (SG$102.00) for 8 persons which 6 main courses and 4 desserts plus 2 beverages which we think it's quite cheap when dinning out is concern in Japan. 

RAKERU (ラケル)
1-12-7 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku
Tokyo Prefecture 160-0023, Japan
Telephone: 03-3348-1385 


Opening Hours:- 
11:30am - 22:30pm (Last Order: 22:00pm)

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