Tuesday 21 August 2012

Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) Food Trail 2012 - Singapore Night Safari

This was the last part of our "Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) Food Trail 2012" where we get to go behind-scenes of the Ulu Ulu Restaurant kitchen tour together with Chef Low and as well enjoying a special spread prepared by him and his team.

For your information, Chef Low is also the man behind Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s unique dining as well as the culinary maestro behind award-winning dining experiences that include Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife at Singapore Zoo, Lunch with Parrots at Jurong Bird Park and Gourmet Safari Express at Night Safari.

After an interesting Lunch with Parrot and some exciting and birds shows, we were back at the Singapore Night Safari for our evening programme.   

Awaiting for us is Chef Kelvin Low who is professionally trained at Le Cordon Bleu and he has whipped up exquisite fare for local and international dignitaries, celebrities and royalty. These include Singapore's former president S.R. Nathan, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, former foreign minister George Yeo, magician David Copperfield and even the Prince of Wales.

Some of the Open Kitchen Concept stalls in Ulu Ulu Restaurant

Chef Low showing us around the behind-scenes Kitchen Tour @ Ulu Ulu Restaurant

Different Food Stations in the Ulu Ulu Restaurant Kitchen.

Chef Low explaining to us about their new Pastry Kitchen where pastry chefs made their cakes and desserts.

For hygiene purpose they have a separated room for handing raw meat.

Some of the prepared the dishes that are ready to be served

Upon entering the dining area, most of us was shock and excited to see the beautiful arrangement and set up for that night's theme. Really appropriated their thoughts and warm hospitality. 

Our Menu For The Night

Surprised to see this olden days serving mug when our beverages arrived.

For starter we had Ulu Ulu Chicken Satay which was so delicious that everyone gave their positive feedback on both the satay and their peanut sauce. Most of us even finished the whole cup of peanuts sauce and asking for more top up. 

Next we had BBQ Chicken Wing which taste similar to those BBQ stalls in coffeshop or hawker center. The wings well glazed and tasty which makes it goes well with the spicy chicken-rice style chilli sauce.

Trio Meat Platter Chicken Rice served with 3 different kinds of Chicken such as Roasted, Soy Sauce and Steamed. Personally I felt that the texture and taste of the chicken could have being better.

Other than the impressive Ulu Ulu Chicken Satay that we all loved, this is another recommending dish to try if you are craving for some Indian cuisine. The Naan bread is good, not very oil bu yet crispy and tasty when dip with the mint sauce. Although the fish fillet might look dry but it was not, instead it was juicy and full of flavour from the spices used.

Although I am not a crab lover (because I find it trouble and messy to eat the crab meat from the shell) but I love to sink those deep-fried mantou (bun) into the chilli crab grave. Their Ulu Ulu Chili Crab was a bit to salty to my liking but with the accompanied crispy and fragrant mantou I guess it still score above average.

To end the dinner, we each had a glass of this Sea Coconut with Glass Jelly which was prefer for that warm evening.

At the end of the dinner, we actually planed to go for a short walk at the newly launched Wallaby Trail but it started to rain heavily just before we reached the area. So in the end our WRS Food Trail ended with the few of us being stranded in the rain. But after all we were still having fun and laughter running in the raining and I am sure the whole WRS Food Trail programmes would marked a wonderful memories in each of our life.

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