Tuesday 26 June 2012

The Rink @ JCube

With the recent heat waves that hits Singapore these two weeks, the best thing to do is to stay in-door in a fully air-conditioning shopping malls. And since my boy is interested in Ice Skating ever since our trip back from Voyager of The Seas early June.

We decided to check out this Singapore’s first Olympic-size ice rink which is located at JCube. It has a 460 seat gallery and the 60 by 30 metre rink is designed to host international events and competitions for sports such as ice hockey, curling and speed skating.

JCube is a new shopping mall that is filled with retails, dining and entertainment scene in Jurong East which is about 5 minutes walk from Jurong East MRT station (you can see the mall from the MRT platform).

The entrance of The Rink is located at level 3 of the mall at one end where you can access it via the lift at level 1. Beside the The Rink there are also winter wears and skates shops where you can purchase the gloves, socks and etc if you didn't bring along.

Here is the break-down of the "timing" for those who wish to visit The Rink. (my advice is to either go early if you can)

At the ticketing area grab the "combination" that you prefer. For us as since we have brought our own gloves and socks (thanks for maameemoomoo advice) we took the "Combo E" which consists Admission Fee plus Skate at S$15.50(Kids, 4 - 12 years old) and S$17.50 (Adult).

Normal Price List

Combination Rates. You can purchase either "Gloves" or "Socks" at S$2.00 per pair if you don't wish to loot them along with you! I advise Socks are a MUST for personal hygiene as well as prevention of blisters and the thicker the better!

After getting the entry tickets, you can proceed to the Skates Rental area to redeem your skates according to your shoes size. (for your information, your shoes will be retained in-exchange of the skates) And from what I have read online the smallest skates size is about 27 for kids.

These are the crowds at the Locker Area waiting to redeem their skates for the 2nd session which is at 12.45pm.

If you need a locker to keep your belonging, they do have a decent size of locker which is similar to those at the swimming pool at Non-Refundable fee of S$2.00 per locker. But if you forget something half way through during your game and wish to open the locker, you would have to pay another S$2.00 to lock it back.

All set and ready to go into the Ice Rink!

Since we went during School Holidays, the crowds are more towards family with younger kids and teenagers. Some of them are really good skaters who can skate well while others who can't also enjoys themselves at the Rink moving along happily at the sides of the wall.

It's pretty cold during the morning session that we went, so you might want to bring along a light jacket if you are afraid of the cold air. And wearing of jeans or long pant is advisable instead of shorts and skirt. Hope you have fun and enjoy the cold environment.


  1. Hi Elena

    Thanks for posting fotos about Jcube. You know, I have fond memories of what used to be Jurong East Entertainment Centre (which is now Jcube) cos I used to live in that area for 20 years until I moved overseas couple of years ago. My parents still live there, and my last trip back in Nov 11, I think Jcube was not open yet.

    There used to be a skating rink on the 3rd floor of JE entertainment centre but I think it is not as big as the new one in Jcube...

  2. Hi Miss B,

    Thanks for your note. Oh there is a skating rink in JE entertainment? No wonder that day my mum was talking about it while I am totally clueless as I don't stay around that area and skating is not my interest until now :)


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