Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Wendy's @ GV Yishun 10

Em... if you are just given this photo to guess where are these baked potato from, can you score bingo for it? I am sure for those who always love to venture new food are bond to recognised some of the signature items from each restaurants at a glance. I have posted a similar photo at the Facebook Fan page and surprisingly all the 5 person who comments guess it correctly(click HERE to view). These baked potatoes are indeed from the new fast food restaurant known as “Wendy’s”.

Last Saturday, Joyce and I decided to drop by Wendy’s that is located in Golden Village Yishun 10. This newly opened outlet has replaced the Burger King that had being an icon fast food outlet there for more than 10 years I guess.

The queue at Wendy’s is pretty long during weekend evenings and I have to queue for about 30 minutes before I can get my orders done. To survive in these fast food industries, Wendy’s indeed has a wide range of items from different varieties of burgers to deep-fried chicken pieces, assorted baked potatoes, chili and array flavour of frosty. So after running through their menu, these are what Joyce and I settle with.

1/4 Pound Single Combo which comes with a 1/4 Pound Burger, small fries and drinks of your choice. You can also choose to upsize your side and drink with additional 50cents or S$1.00 for medium or large. Each bite of this 1/4 pound burger, you will get to taste the delicious patty that is grilled to juicy perfection and it is served with fresh toppings such as tomato and pickle. For a combo set like this with regular fries and drink it cost S$6.85 per set.

Next we get a set of their Fried Chicken Combo at S$7.40 each because we are curious to try out how different it taste compare to other fast food restaurants that serves fried chicken too. The outer layer is very crispy and the meat inside is surprisingly not dry or tough but tender. But if compare to other fried chicken, this taste rather mild without the usual herbs and spices taste.

My choice of "Broccoli & Cheese Baked Potato" @ S$3.30 each which is a huge serving that can be shared between two person. The piping-hot baked potato that is straight from the oven is topped with tender pieces of broccoli and a creamy cheese sauce. For me as a cheese lover, the cheese sauce taste rather a bit mild but in another way it will be less greasy and great for those non-cheese lovers to pick up this choice.

Joyce pick wants something less cheesy so she settle with this "Sour Cream & Chives Potato" that cost S$2.90 each. The sour cream topping goes well with the blend baked potato and makes it a rather healthy choice among the 5 toppings that are available. Although this taste great, but we thought if they have some extra fried bacon bits on top of the sour cream it would be perfection for this dish.

Wendy’s offer 4 different types of “Frosty” which are Original Frosty, Frosty Float, Frosty Shake and Twisted Frosty. Here we order one of their “Original Chocolate Frosty” that taste cool, creamy and refreshing. The texture is very smooth and it does not taste too sweet for those without sweet tooth. I am sure a small cup of this will satisfies your palate after hearty meal.

Other than burgers, fried chicken, baked potatoes and etc. Wendy's also have Breakfast Sets, Garden Salads, Chili, Kids' Meal (comes with a toy) and etc. Perhaps we will drop by another day to try out their breakfast set again.

There are a few Wendy's outlet around Singapore from the main branch at Lau Pa Sat and the rest locating at Jurong Point, Holland village, Liat Towers and Yishun 10. According to them, there will be another two NEW outlets coming up soon at Plaza by the Park and NEX Mall. Posted by Picasa


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Handburger @ 313 Orchard

Remember our Burger Hunt outing, after sharing the post with you on Burger Bench & Bar(read more HERE), now let me continue to share with you our 2nd stop of the food hunting at "The Handburger" which is located at the end corner at Basement 2 of 313 @ Somerset.

3 best friends, Anna Lim, Andrew Chan and Benedict Leow who want to offer quality, artisan burgers that are priced reasonably so that everyone is able to enjoy them regularly, own “The Handburger” restaurant. Other than burgers retail, they are also the owner behind the popular western soup restaurant known as "The Soup Spoon" that has varies outlets in Singapore.

Since we have just finished our 1st hunt over at "Burger, Bench & Bar", we decided to order something more unique over here. After going through the menu, the few of us (Alice, Lobster, Alvin & I) agreed on this "Tandoor Chicken Burger" and "Duck Confit". I love the Indian Tandoor Chicken so I have much higher expectation on this burger.

According to the menu the chicken thigh is cooked in tandoor style that is marinated in yogurt, cucumber, red onions, hand cooked masala sauce, mint mayo. It is then topped with sweet mango chutney on some coral lettuce and tomato and sandwich together with toasted spinach and Parmesan bun. The greenish bun does look appealing to us but the taste of the tandoor chicken was kind of plain perhaps of the sauce and overall it does not really suits our liking. But for those who don't really like the strong Indian spices taste, you might wish to give it a try at S$10.80 each.

Duck Confit Burger is something rare to be found in most common burger outlets so it is worth to get a set of this. They actually grilled the whole boneless duck leg confit in handmade orange sauce then topped with baby snow pea sprouts and mandarin orange on a bed of coral lettuce and tomato together with the toasted caramelised bun. The duck itself is very tender when bite and it combines very well with the handmade sauce and orange topping. Recommend to try this if you have eaten too much of chicken burger.

You can create a set meal with either S$4.00/S$6.00 top up for extra side and drink (ice lemon tea/hot green tea) together with a burger of your choice. So for this set, we choose the "The Works Burger" that consists of 100% New Zealand ribeye beef patty that weights 150g, this patty is nicely grilled and topped with battered onion rings, crispy bacon, sunny side up egg, sauteed basil pesto mushroom, sweet onion jam, cheddar cheese and etc on a bed of coral lettuce then sandwich with toasted caramelised onion bun.

Can you imagine when you bite this burger, it will be burst with all kind of flavour such as juicy beef, onion, runny egg yolk, cheese and etc. For beef lover like me and Alice, we do agreed that this beef patty is far much more better than the previous one that we have tried especially on the seasoning and sauce that makes a great different. As for the side, we have a Caesar Salad to go with the burger while drink, we top-up extra to have the Lychee Mint Crush instead of the usual ice lemon tea.

Lychee Mint Crush is definitely a very interesting drink. The sweet fragrances of the lychee and the refreshing cool mint blend together with crush ice ineed makes this a great choice to go with those burgers. Most of us are guess what are the ingredients blended in it which makes it taste so addicting. Some mention about kiwifruit and cucumbers, but I will leave you to try this out on your next visit to the outlet. A glass of this cost cost about S$5.50 which is good enough to share between two person.

This restaurant also offer some Kid's Friendly meal for either "Mini Mister Meal" or "Mini Miss Meal" where you can choose between Cheeseburger or Fish Burger to go with chunky fries, buffalo winglets, a cup of freshly blended apple juice and a cupcake for dessert. All these only cost you S$9.50 per set which I am sure your kids will love these combination. But somehow or rather, we find they should change the drink to something else instead of fresh apple fruit because tends to oxide before consume which makes it look rather not appetising to the kids. (Above is the "Mini Mister Meal" with Fish Burger where you can find a slice of lovely lotus root in it)

This is something new to us, sweet burger which they known it as "THB Dessert Burger" which sandwich a 70% dark coverture chocolate patty filled with macadamia nuts, topped with apple crem cheese filling on a bed of butter icing and strawberries with fluffy donut bun. We love this, the chocolate patty is so rich and fragrant that it makes you crave for more. If you like chocolate and with something special rather than the usual meat patty, I suggest you go for this S$6.50 dessert burger with a cup of tea or coffee.

Overall we have a great time on our second food outings for this Burger Hunt event. But however we did not managed to try the 3rd places which is included in our schedule at Ice Rockz, located at Scape because they are running out of rice patty when we get there. So I guess, we have to go back another time or perhaps another BURGER OUTING!!! Our next outing will be something more exciting so do stay tune for our outing updates in September. Posted by Picasa

The HandBurger
313 Orchard Road
313 @ Somerset
Singapore 238895
Telephone: 6509 6214
Website: www.thehandburger.com

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11.30am – 10.00pm


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Monday, 23 August 2010

Burger Bench & Bar @ Cineleisure Orchard

Last month we have our 1st Blogger's outing at Chef Daniel's Kitchen @ Illuma (click HERE for post) where everyone of us share some great time together. And this month, we have organised a Burger Hunt on 14 August 2010 as our 2nd outing event. Initially we have planned to try out different burgers from 3 places along Orchard area but end up we only managed to set our taste buds for 2.

This post I will share with you the 1st stop of our Burger Hunt which is at Burger Bench & Bar opened by ex-lawyer Willin Low, owner of Wild-Rocket, Wild Oats and Relish. This store was located at level 1 of Cineleisure Orchard since last year December and it has another name known as "B3" which derived from "Burger, Bench & Bar".

They have 8 different flavour of burgers that you can choose from the range of Beef, Pork, Poultry, Fish and etc. And if you feel like having something extra, you can also try some of their yummy snacks such as russet potato crisps and golden chicken wings. For this outing, we have ordered 6 different burgers and 2 snacks from their menu to try out.

I am sure if you like Japanese Food such as Sashimi you would have tried Wasabi before. This is "Sasame Wasabi Butter-Fish Burger", deep-fried fish fillet which is cripsy is crispy and burst with juicy flavour when bite. The fillet sits on top on some some shredded cabbage and top with chef special wasabi sauce which is combined with some addition of mustard and roasted sesame seeds. And according to one of stuff, they adjusted the original level of spiciness after feedback from some customers which cannot take the "spicy kick" from wasabi so this burger is still manageable for kid who can take a bit of spicy food to consume.

Soft-shell Chilli Crab Burger is a new items on their menu which cost S$8.20 with a rather huge piece of soft shell (from the photo) sitting on some shredded cabbage and top with some paste. From a glance the paste look like sort of similar to normal tomato paste but it is actual chilli crab sauce but some of us who tried it comments that the sauce is actually too overpowering which covered that taste of the soft shell crab.

The look of this "Saute Mixed Mushroom & Cheese Beef Burger" seems to tasty and juicy from the photo. When Alice and I tried it, we find the beef patty taste rather ok with it's seasonings and mushroom topping. But it is not those kind that you will go "WOW".

I have tried a few Curry Chicken/Pork Katsu Don before, but the idea of combining a Japanese dish into burger this is the 1st time I have saw and tried. The "Japanese Curry Chicken Katsu Burger" at B3 cost S$7.90 each which is pretty reasonable for the price to have the same ingredients sandwich with 2 slices of bread inside of rice. But you might be surprised with the taste of the sauce which is not what you usually have in your Katsu Don dish.

Compared to the above Mixed Mushroom & Cheese Beef Burger, this "Cheese Burger With Mayonnise & Sundried Tomato Relish" taste much better with it's sundried tomato relish. This is slightly cheaper which costs only S$7.80 but the overall taste is much better if you love "Beef Burger".

Amanda wish to try this "Grilled Chicken Burger With Relish & Jalapeno" which look pretty healthy due to the grilled chicken breast meat and Jalapeno toppings that makes it look less greasy and light, this cost S$8.50 each. Each mouthful, you can taste the tender and juicy chicken meat chew together with the tangy relish and spicy jalapeno.

This is one of their signature side dishes that are freshly made from their kitchen instead of those usual pre-packed potato chips. Their hand-cooked russet potato crisps are surprisingly crunchy and filled with an authentic potato taste that you can’t resists on nibbling more on those chips.

Snack number 2, we ordered two plates of this "Golden Chicken Wings with Chef Gino's Deadly Chilli Sauce" that comes with 6 pieces serving per plate at S$5.00 each. The wings taste a bit spicy itself so if you cannot take spicy food then don't go with that dipping sauce. But with that extra chilli sauce, it will definitely enhance the taste more.

After the meal, we tried this "Gourmet Dark Chocolate Soft Serve Ice-Cream" for dessert. According to their poster, this is the 1st Home-made soft serve Ice-Cream available in Singapore. A cup of this will cost you S$3.00 and it's pretty worth it for it's rich chocolate taste too. Posted by Picasa

8 Grange Road
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695
Telephone: 65- 6737 9947
Website: www.wildrocket.com.sg

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 12:00pm - 11:00pm
Fri - Sat: 12:00pm - 2:00am
Sun: 12:00pm - 11:00pm


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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Sakae Feast

Last week, I organised a simple "Japanese Cuisine Dinner" for to share with our weekly cell group members. Instead of the usual home fellowship session, we held a short and simple one at a Sakae sushi outlet near our area. These are some of the foods that 14 of us ordered during the dining/fellowship session.

While everyone was busying flipping through the menu and thinking of what to order, I was attracted to their August Oyster Theme promotion. From the menu, I ordered this "Golden Oyster Maki" which is shown above. This comes with two deep-fried breaded crispy oyster resting on top of the maki and top with some fish roe and most of us love this new item and it's attractive presentation too.

As some of the cell group members rarely tried any Japanese Cuisine so I have to take the lead to order most of the dishes for them. To begin with any main course sushi, I am sure they will prefer something warm and smooth like Chuwanmushi which most of us prefer. Normally, my choice is always surrounded with " Sakae Chuwanmushi" but I would still prefer their Pumpkin Chawanmushi which is already no longer in their menu list.

For quick bite before the Teppanyaki sets are ready to be served, we have some assorted Temaki. These two are "Ebi Tempura" and "Unagi".

Soft Shell Crab and Salmon Mango Temaki.

"Golden Crispy Oyster" is also one of the item under the August Oyster Theme menu. Instead of Oyster and rice maki like the previous one above Gold Crispy served together with yummy deep-fried mashed potato Patty instead of rice.

Esther, together with her kids and helper ordered two bowls of the Teriyaki Chicken Ramen to share among themselves.

While Monica prefer this Teriyaki Chicken and Hotate Mentaiyaki Bento which served with rice and miso soup. This set comes with four yummy baked cheesy scallop other than the teriyaki chicken.

Since the outlet we are in also provides Teppanyaki menu, I decided to order a few sets for them to try too. And the way the teppanyaki chef prepares the dishes really captured some of the kids attention too.

I ordered two premium seafood sets and one premium beef set which all comes with stir-fried assorted vegetables, rice and miso soup. Most of us loves this stir-fried bean spouts with mushrooms which is just nicely done and not over fried.

Premium Seafood Set consists of Prawn, Cuttlefish and Bamboo Clam.

While Premium Beef Set consists of Beef, Foie Gras (made of the liver of a duck or goose) and Half Shell Scallop. Although we ordered medium rare for the beef but when served we find that the beef cubes are rather too tough to bite.

The half shell scallop is infused with lovely stir-fried garlic which make it so delicious to go with either steam rice or their special garlic rice.

Everyone enjoys themselives happily with the yummy sakae dishes and we are too full to have any dessert by the end of the meal. Other than Ramen, Hand Maki, Chuwanmushi, Teppanyaki sets, we also have a few plates of their fresh Salmon Sashimi. Posted by Picasa

p/s: We would like to thanks the lovely staffs and friendly outlet managers in North Point for their prompt services and cheerful attitude towards all the customers too.


Friday, 20 August 2010

Hotel Re! ~ Re!Plenish 923 International Brunch Buffet

Recently Hotel Re! which is located uphill at 175A Chin Swee Road has launched their revised Buffet Brunch menu which inclusive of wide selection of Seafood on Ice & Sashimi, Roasted Duck with Mango Crepe, Abalone, Ben & Jerry’s Ice-cream and MANY MORE!

They are having this Re!Plenish Brunch promotion on their Weekends & Public Holidays Buffet Brunch which 1 person gets to dine free with 3 paying adults at the rate of S$38.80++/pax.

The ambience around the restaurant is great for family as it is spacious and children friendly. It also has that classic European design of ballroom, complete with chandeliers that makes dining stylish, inviting and comfortable.

These are some of the appetiser such as pasta, salad potato, mixed fresh fruit salad and egg crepe roll.

The buffet lines also have some interesting main dishes that cooks in their unique way such as salmon, roasted duck, lamb chop, pineapple fried rice, braised noodle etc as well as their soup of the day. And as a soup lover, I find that their soup is full of flavour with generous amount of ingredients used.

From the main dishes buffet line, there is at least 2 - 3 fish cuisine that are cooked in different preparation methods such as deep-dried, steam or braised which is a good catch for fish lover.

At the side, they have a few stand alone stations where the guests can filled their tummy with either Dim Sum (such as chee cheong fun, steam bun, siew mai), Japanese Sushi & Sashimi or some assorted Tempura with deep-fried Ebi and vegetables.

As for local delights, they provided one of my favourite local dishes which is Laksa. I love their Laksa in terms of their gravy and chilli which makes this dish a great steal. The gravy itself is not too thick or dilute and the coconut taste blend well with the gravy which did not make it appears creamy or greasy.

These are some of the items that I have tried:- Pineapple fried rice, Grilled Sausage with mashed potato, Lamb Chop cutlet, Roasted Duck and Seafood Kabab.

This is the highlight of their Brunch Buffet which is the Braised Abalone with mushroom and broccoli. (limited to 1 abalone per guest only)

After finishing all the yummy savory dishes, it is time to relax yourself with these assorted array of fresh cut fruits and desserts with a cup of premium hot coffee/tea to re-charge your energy.

Here are some of the desserts that mum choose, but I am rather disappointed that they don't have Durian Creme Brulee and Thai Desserts available on that day. And Rey was also upset with the Ben & Jerry’s Ice-cream which they only offers one flavour and the texture of the ice-cream is so soft that it almost melted before eating. Perhaps we have drop-by on a wrong day/timing (we went on Monday, National Day holiday) as most of the items might not be available after the weekend dash. But I hope the management can make some improvements on their desserts and ice-cream counters in order to blend well with their interesting savoury dishes.

Overall this is still a cosy place for gathering with friends/family members while enjoying some good varieties of appetisers and main dishes then follow by some coffee/tea to go with the assorted desserts and fruits. Posted by Picasa

Hotel Re! @ Pearl's Hill
175A Chin Swee Road,
Singapore 169879
Reservation: 6827 8221
website: http://www.hotelre.com.sg/

Weekends & Public Holidays Brunch Buffet:
11.00am - 3.00pm

S$38.80++ (Adult)
S$18.80++ (Child)

Nearest MRT Station: Outram Park MRT Station (Exit B), click HERE for more details.



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