Friday 15 October 2010

Free Onion Ring with Popeyes Chicken Meals

Last weekend our dinner was at one of the Popeyes Chicken outlet at Jubilee Entertainment Centre, Ang Mo Kio. While queuing for the orders, I was attracted to the poster at the counter showing “Free Onion Rings” with any purchase of two Chicken Set Meal. So instead of getting a burger and a chicken set meal I decided to forgo the burger and swap it with two chicken set meals for the interest of trying out their New Onion Rings.

As for my Chicken Meal Set, I choose the "3 pieces Chicken Tenders" that comes with 3 generous serving size of deep-fried chicken fillets, regular packet of Cajun Fries, 1 biscuit (scone) and a regular cup of drink. When I tried a piece of it I was delighted with it crispy outer layer and tender juice meat as compared with some other fast food outlet that sometime serves either overcooked, too dry or tough deep-fried chicken fillets.

Each set of combo meal is serve with a piece of their signature biscuit (scone) that can be eaten plain or spread with some strawberry jam. I am surprise with the taste of their biscuit in this outlet as it is can be consider as the best from those that I have tried. The biscuit is nicely bake with a golden crust, soft and moist inside and most importantly it is not sour or contain that over proof taste and aroma compared to some of their other outlets.

2 Piece Chicken Combo Set at S$7.40 comes with 2 pieces of deep-fried chicken, regular packet of Cajun Fries, 1 biscuit (scone) and a regular cup of drink.

For those who have tried Popeyes’s fried chicken how do you rate their chicken compare to the KFC fried chicken that has being in the local Singapore Food Industry for long time. Does the chicken from Popeyes won your heart over from the KFC chicken or you still prefer the all time flavour from KFC? For me all I can share is, the taste of the final products would depend strongly on how each individual outlet staff prepared them. So it all depend on their Quality control......

Their Cajun Fries is the only items that my boy loves due to it fragrant seasoning and crispy texture. I am sure this is something for a change of the usual “McDonald’s” fries.

This is our first time trying out their Onion Ring and we love it just as much as their special Cajun Fries. The outer coating of the onion rings are so crispy and fragrant when bite that it brings back some of our memories and talks about the famous A&W Onion Rings that we used to eat during our childhood time.

While tidying up the leftover before leaving the place, my boy spotted this "Free Cajun Fries Voucher" hide underneath the serving food boxes that we are not aware of it. So if you do dine-in any of their outlet, do look-up for this Free fries voucher incase you missed it.

Popeyes Chicken @ Ang Mo Kio
61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
Jubilee Entertainment Complex
Singapore 569814
Telephone: 6456 6522

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