Wednesday 8 September 2010

Mr Bean Soy Beancurd

Mr Bean is a leading chain soya bean food & beverage retailer in Singapore with more than 30 outlets located island wide. They offers a variety of soya bean drinks, beancurd, ice cream and snacks. This is a new outlet located at block 1G of Pinnacle @ Duxton which is beside the 7-11 and in front of the bus-stop.

From the usual silky soft texture soya beancurd with soy milk to a hint of Ginger or Almond flavour. This is Original Soya Beancurd which served with soy milk is always a good choice to start with if you prefer something mild in taste.

No matter which is your choice, if you love the combination of Beancurd and Tang Yuan, you must try this assorted tang yuan (comes in peanut and black sesame seeds) with beancurd combi. I always love to have a bowl of this for breakfast or light dinner if I have a full or late lunch.

Out of all the 7 different types of pancake they have on their menu list, the one with Cheese filling is always my first choice follow by peanut or kaya. And certain outlet also comes with "tuna" filling for those who prefer savory pancake over the usual sweet type.

Sometimes if I am in a hurry to have a quick lunch or bite, I will get a cup of their healthy less sugar soya milk with chewy pearls to go with a choice of my favourite pancake.

Other than their pancakes, this is also one of my favourite snack to go with their soya milk or beancurd set. It can be consider as a non-greasy and healthy snack that comes in few types of filling such as pineapple, salted green bean, green tea and etc which makes it a perfect snack for anytime, anywhere.

So if you are interested, you can always drop by any of their outlet which is near your work place or home area to pick up any of your choice. Click HERE for more outlets location.

Mr Bean
Pinnacle @ Duxton
Block 1G Cantonment Road
Singapore 080001

Open Daily: 07.00am - 22.00pm

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