Tuesday 20 July 2010

Subway Low Fat Sandwiches

What are your favourite or regular items on the SUBWAY menu? I remember the very first time when I had this sandwich was a few years back during my stay in Brisbane. And we actually bought the "Foot long" sandwich which is so huge and stuffed with lot of ingredients and from that moment we have fell in love with it's freshness of ingredients and taste.

Today there are more than 70 Subway outlets located at different parts of Singapore and it seems to be leading sandwich brand what captures the heart of customers from different age group.

Guess nowadays, there are more and more people going for healthier fast food comparing to those days when most of us are surrounded by deep-fried chicken or burger. Likwise some people are willing to spend S$10.00 or so to get a set meal that comes with a 6" sandwich of their choice, drinks, cookies and snacks.

This is the New Subway Beef Pastrami which are layers with finest beef that are smoked and seasoned to perfection together with some vegetables of your choice. The beef stuffed in the sandwich is not a huge portion like those shown on their advertisement poster or etc and we find the taste rather normal comparing to it's price over their regular sandwiches on the menu.

My 6" Subway Melt that consists of Turkey Breast, Ham, Bacon melted cheese and standard vegetables that is sandwiches between the Honey Oats Bread that comes up to be 6g of fat or less for only S$5.90. Overall we still prefer Subway melt over the Beef Pastrami.

For the set meal, we are able to choose either 2 pieces of cookies or 1 cookie plus a bag of small chip together with the drink of your choice. Other than the cookies you can also pick a choice from the "Baked Bars" menu that come two in two different flavour such as "Triple Berry" and "Chocolate Walnut". Personally I love both of the snacks although their cookies are not those crunchy type but it does have it special taste that makes you crave for more. Posted by Picasa

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