Sunday 1 November 2009

Korean Cuisine @ Suntec City Foodcourt

Today we are around Suntec City, Carrefour to get some groceries. As it is around lunch time, we decided to stop by at the basement foodcourt which is nearer to Carrefour for a quick bite. After eying around the various food stalls, we settle for the Saba fish meal (鲭鱼) set. Some people also called this Saba Fish, "Mackerel" in English.

Other than the Saba Fish, this set also comes with a small portion of Kimchi, fried spicy Anchovies (ikan bilis) and a bowl of Miso soup(with some Wakame in it).

Bibimbap is a very common and yet popular Korean dish which also refer to as "Mixed Rice". It is usually a bowl of warm white rice top with seasoned vegetables, meat such as beef/chicken, chilli pepper paste(gochujang) and a fried egg. Sometime, they will sprinkler some extra sesame seeds to enhance the fragrance. And the traditional way to eat this dish is to stir all the ingredients together thoroughly before eating. Posted by Picasa

Overall this stall serves an above average standard of Korean Food which is at a more lower price compare to some Korean Restaurant. So do give this stall a try if you are happen to be in that area :)

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