Friday 1 January 2010

B.B.Q Chicken Wing @ Sembawang

Along Sembawang Road after the Chong Pang Camp, you will find an range of eateries opposite the newly renovated Sembawang Shopping Center. The formerly Yishun Seafood Village has now being take over by S11 Coffee Shop and within the coffee shop itself, you can find a lot of yummy local Singapore food like Satay, Fried Hokkian Mee, BBQ Stingray and etc.

In the S11 coffee shop, it will not be hard for you to notice the stall that is selling BBQ Chicken Wing and Spring Chicken. The stall is always crowded with people queuing up with orders and they also accept bulk orders for gathering or BBQ function.

Look at the colour of their BBQ Chicken Wings, isn't it look great. The wings are evenly cooked through and it taste great and fragrance with the seasoning. These wings are also serve with their special made chilli sauce which add extra flavour to the taste. Each wing is sold at S$1.30 each and the stall opens till 1am might night or while the food last. Posted by Picasa

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