Thursday 15 October 2009

Facebook Game - Cafe World

Recently Rey and I are into playing Facebook game especially those creating your own "Restaurant" or "Cafe". So with the new launch of "Cafe World" by Zynga in Facebook, we are addicting with setting up our own virtual cafe.

You can choose to set up the layout of the cafe by getting your desire furniture, floor tiles, walls, backdrops and etc. With the culinary skill level, you can also whip up different dishes to serve your customers in order to earn more coins to expand your cafe. And the most "relax" things in this game is, you don't need to worry that the chef or stuffs will be hungry without food when you are not playing the game. All you need is to make sure, the stoves are always cooking with food and the serving counters are full of food to serve to the on-coming customers.

Continue........... (updated on) 26 October 2009

After a few weeks, we managed to claim to Level 30 and have re-decorate our cafe with new tables, chairs and layout. It's really fun to see the cafe being able to serve all kind of food to the customers and as you can see on the top right hand corner, customers satisfactory of the cafe is 100++ :p

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